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A little tip to make room for the new

Do you want new and better things to “enter” your life than the previous year? I read this note.

We have started a new year and that renews us, gives us a fresh air, a hope. Surely you want new and better things to “enter” your life than the previous year. That is why today I propose that we look together where the real possibilities of  “change of the year” are. 

The mind full of the old will not be able to give rise to the new. For this we can depeat the ground. Making room is a continuous process that should not be neglected because we accumulate many unnecessary things that create identical situations. And nothing new.

Our life (everything in it) reflects the content of our mind, so it is imperative that we decide what we want to discard and thus give rise to the mind to connect with new experiences so that the year really changes not only in number.

Every time we think, we feel what we are thinking and that way we emit a vibration that connects with things, people and circumstances of the same vibration quality that is emanating from within us. Emptying the mind of the old means that we are willing to abandon ideas, beliefs and thoughts that guided us rather into pain . 

Throwing away what is not useful to us - because it has created uncordios- requires us to look inside of us to stop complaining about everything we have complained and assume that all that came from within us. Like it or we don't like it, that's the truth.

Each of us has the wonderful possibility to stop lending the “head” to what we no longer want to “reach” what we do want. To live a new year, we'll have to be new to us first.

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