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Training with Patrick Sassoli II

The Coach explains how to set needs and goals in a training routine.

Health and Esthetics
Entrenando con Patrick Sassoli II

By  Patrick Sassoli 

In the  previous note . We suggest answering these two basic questions to achieve classifying your vision into goals:
What do  I need ? And what do  I want ?
From this questioning arises the beginning of our program.
In case they have been difficult to define the answers, we propose this assistance.

(a)  Vision  identification exercise with transfer to  goals  

Make a  written list , with everything that arises as need and longing. Then we will assign the priority of importance, listing them from 1 to more on the left side. Then, to the right of each vision, with different colors we will write the word that classifies that vision.
I need  red  with the letter  A  .
I want  in Blue  with the letter  B  .
Now you have two lists. Rewrite them in another paper by reassigning the numerical order of importance in each column. In this way we will focus on goals with your pre-established order. We recommend that you place a date on each writing and arm  your file  where you will save all the processes in your folder.

(b) Rescheduling priorities by classification in order of importance.

This process is key and fundamental to adjust focus, clarifying the direction that will determine the plan to define. The subsequent realization of the same and the obtaining of results. He will consider the “needs” in the first place and the “want” in the second. Even in many cases the direction towards one goal indirectly contributes to the achievement of the other. The  planning  that arises from here, will define the steps and training sessions with their respective contents. You can self-design it, use this guidance guide that we will be publishing month by month, or supported by the personalized services of some experienced coach.
 Example : If the doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist diagnoses any of these ailments or pathologies example; obesity, high cholesterol, high pressure,  estre; s , panic attacks, distress, rehabilitation of any injury or accident, or addiction among others etc. That will go to the  Needs column A  .1) Physical activity practice.
Wants are a luxury and we propose to experience them as such, enjoying that process without becoming undesirable pressure in our lives and throw everything overboard. Of course it will include sacrifice, determination,  willpower , discipline, character, capacity for suffering in some efforts. We must strip ourselves of wanting to stay in the  comfort area  that often drags us into laziness.

Recommendations of some topics and features to schedule our success in this new stage

 First:  Believe in ourselves. Move from passive to active mode. Go to the attack, in sporting terms on the offensive.  Trust  in ourselves is key. First we can identify a recommendation or feeling and we must bring it into thought.
 Second : to be able to name it and write it. As we did in the previous exercise. Repeat this  Mantra “I am, Here I am, ready to be the protagonist and achieve the goals I set” . Always in a healthy way including sports results whether recreational, competitive and professional. Search for terms and words that define us and serve to  anchor  our support system. Strengthen our belief mechanisms. Maintain this focus and characteristic throughout the entire dynamic creative psychophysical process.
 Third : It is very important to strengthen our  defence  system . Close our eyes and seek within us the ability to overcome successive disorders, difficulties, disappointments and or micro failures that every complex process includes in life. Which will always be an offer to give up and abandon the road.
 Fourth : Take  action . Without this we are lost, you start somewhere, whichever you want and little by little you are correcting and feedback those actions strengthening tactics.
“ Start by doing what is necessary, then do what you can and suddenly you will be achieving the impossible” (St. Francis of Assisi)
I love taking the action, because it involves jumping into the void,  feeling alive , trusting our visible forces as hidden and universal. It is to start the road without even guaranteeing the result.  To fall in love with  the process in which we will experience and work day by day, to transform it into beloved routines that will give us fullness  , faith and the confidence necessary to transform our vision into achievements  .
Persistence and determination bring us to success. No achievement and even no prize is won in a single day, not even the podium in the race. The prize is obtained for being competent. It is gestating in planning. It is conceived in each  training session. Building the way to it with high commitment, indeclinable constancy, managing to sustain the habit in time day after day.
Counter forces common to all that we must neutralize: Do not obsess with goals. It is better to perform every day a little, than from a time to time a lot. Do not skip routines or leave exercises for later or another day. All this undermines the possibility of realizing it and they will be dynamiting the central plan.  Think positively  without violating our routines with excuses that do not lead us to what we seek. Such as lack of time, disorganization, which hides behind this scheme attacking each training session. Do not feed indiscipline. Do not overeat before training, or drink alcoholic beverage before ensuring our physical activity. Do not take a nap, although let's say it will be short before our training session. Do not accept social commitments that do not relate to sport in our training schedule, among others.

Training on roller and fixed bike.

 Requirements : Certificate of medical aptitude with authorization for sports.
 Elements : Fixed bike, bicycle, or bicycle with roller. As far as possible clock or computer (not exclusive) for more precision in the handling of slogans.
Can with water and or isotonic drink
 Suggestions : Train in a ventilated place in case of stationary  cycling  , even if necessary to place a nearby fan.

 Heart rate table:  The same are for estimating the working areas during workouts. Calculations of it, are estimated for people of initial level, people who sporadically practice some multidisciplinary physical activity. In the case of intermediate and advanced, even professionals. They must perform the respective field tests to establish the functional cardiac areas or rely on branded watches that estimate their functional areas by adjustable automatic registration at each workout.

We will always start the training session with a  heat entry  (E. Heat): Not less than 15 to 20 minutes of pedaling, with low multiplication (small plate) the load should feel light, achieving a slight sweating. The ideal rate Pedal revolutions per minute (rpm), should be around 90 rpm. In Cardiac Zone 1
 Important : In case you have high blood pressure, the total warm-up will be 20 strict minutes before making efforts.
We will end each session with 12' minutes of pedaling with very low multiplication. Normally called Back to Calm or Cool Down. The ideal pedal speed per minute (rpm) should be around 95 to 105 rpm. In cardiac zone 1
We will publish on the website of cycling xxi, the training content of the full month with each training session, week by week. Offering you to enter the program of continuous improvement and improvement. Which will be destined to  three levels :

People and Athletes of Initial Level

Intended people who practice various physical activities, irregularly, sporadic and without established routines. Or cyclists returning to activity after an abandonment of more than 4 months
Planning from 3 to 4 sessions per week.

Intermediate Athletes

Aimed at those who train more than a year ago, with constant habits and routines, of at least 4 workouts weekly.
Planning from 4 to 5 sessions per week.

High Level Athletes

Aimed at those who train more than five years ago, with constant habits and routines, of at least 5 workouts weekly. Competitive Recreational Athletes and Semi Professionals
Planning from 5 to 6 sessions per week.

 Patrick Sassoli is a
Certified Physical Coach by Orthos Barcelona Spain Olympic
Trainer specializing in cycling, triathlon, marathon and endurance sports,
Coach and Team Technician, Sports
Founder of the first training center specialized in cycling in Latin America, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
Director and Founder of Stage One Cycling School.
Director of the company Live Biking Pro Race.
Creator of the Insite, First professional method of stationary cycling.
Current technician of Team Stage One Live Biking
Founder of the Metropolitan Cycling Association CABA.
Founder of the Bike Park Center in CABA.
Vice President of the RWBike Company
Director LIVE BIKING (Planning and Training Method in Cycling and High Performance Triathlon),

E mail:
Insite: @livebikingpro
Insite: @patrickcoachsassoli

Publication Date: 28/07/2020

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