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Thoughts decide your experiences

“Tell me what thoughts you have most often and I'll tell you what you are experiencing...”

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Los pensamientos deciden tus experiencias

Today we think it is “normal” to have aimless thoughts going around in the “head.” They put strong pressure on our circumstances by leading us to make decisions and actions that are often not what we really want.

I share two everyday examples:

 You're upset by some circumstance... while thoughts of anger, grudge, “that can't be”, of “now you're going to see who I am”... of victimism, of pain... of deep sadness, of “life is a m...” of “I don't deserve this”,... and millions of ideas more.  

 You're quiet doing something... maybe working normally or walking somewhere and thought bursts in making you feel fear, anguish, or uncertainty.And nothing has happened, only a thought has arrived that modifies your emotional state in an instant. 

 Does it happen to you? 

All the  harmful thoughts  we give rise transform our experiences in a matter of seconds leading us to conflict constantly.  

 “ Nothing except my thoughts can hurt me” UCDM 

What we want most is to live a life in peace... yet  thoughts  direct us where they “decide.” They're not to blame. They're innocent and neutral: that means they don't do anything if we don't pay attention to them.  And for this we need to train, we need to learn to direct our minds. 

Why is it important  to know us ?

Because all our life experience STARTS IN THE  MIND .

 “ Tell me what thoughts you have most often and I'll tell you what you are experiencing...” 

The thinking mind (ego) projects the film called “our life” according to the thoughts we place in  it. 

Publication Date: 05/06/2019

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