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The taste of the encounter: what do we do? Roast!

Asado: one of the true Argentine customs, one of the most popular foods in our country.

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We know that the phrase “The taste of the encounter” reminds us of something unique and unique that is to have a beer, but this phrase for me may include our classic Sunday roast with family or friends. Is it like a Boca vs River or not? In many places around the world you say “I am Argentinian” and they call you Maradona, Messi, roast. Mate is in discussion with our Uruguayan brothers. The roast is the great excuse for the gathering, it is passed down from generation to generation, and I doubt it will disappear. It is one of the true Argentine customs, one of the most popular meals in our country. Great Argentine ritual, because in a roast we are all involved, not only the grill or barbecue, or not? With the mince or the mate we all accompany the steakhouse.Besides, we do it rain or thunder! I remember many times, when I was a girl, my mom holding my old man's umbrella so he can barbecue. What crazy! But things are still the same, now with my children and my husband. Roast is not suspended by rain. But let's go to the benefits of roasting meat or vegetables (which are now also a furor when roasting, a pampering for our vegetarian friends). Is the goal of meeting or not? What about the different nutrients when roasting (whether meat or vegetables)? What happens is that they retain a lot of nutrients, which does not happen if we use another type of cooking. Also, if we roast not add fats, as happens if we fry. As for vitamins, they are lost to a small extent, it is not the same if we boil, a method with which a lot of vitamins and minerals are lost. Whether meat or vegetables, the roast is to meet everyone we want around the grill, it is one of the richest meals in this Argentina. Imagine if you'll accompany her with a good wine... what do you think! This will continue with the story of friends who cook and eat roast abroad. Don't miss it...

Publication Date: 31/10/2018

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By: Laura 01 November, 2018

Buenísima nota Lili!! Muuuy argentina !! Y ni hablar del superclasico !!

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