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The most powerful gadget on earth: “The Body”

The human body is an intelligent organic machine, more powerful and complex than any computer.

The human body is an intelligent organic machine, more powerful and complex than any computer. The problem is that we do not know how to take advantage of this  machine  and we behave as if we had not read the instruction manual before using it. We are not aware of the unlimited capabilities it can give us, perhaps that's why we use only 10% of the brain's potential and one-third of lung capacity. We are demigods walking on earth, totally asleep, unaware of our own capacity and “power.”

I invite you to learn about ourselves through self-knowledge techniques such as Ayurveda and  Yoga , to be able to develop our talents to the fullest and take advantage of this gift so precious that nature gave us:   life .  

We owe a debt to Mother Nature. She gave us life and we have to return the favor by developing ourselves to help other people grow. This can only be achieved by maintaining and preserving the good health of our body. Through this column, we will work on a new perspective on how to see and treat your most precious possession:  Your body 

I had a teacher who said: Your body is your car and your spirit/soul is the driver. If your car doesn't work, you could not continue to enjoy this physical experience that is life in the third dimension, where we are now. We need the car to be here and like every car we have to keep it in good condition. There are many ways to be and all those ways are choices we are taking regarding our body. There are many bodies, lots of “cars” and many ways to maintain it, better or worse. After all there are many ways to live.

That's why in this column I'm going to talk to you about the best ways to keep our “car”. I'm so excited and excited to share this with you!

The general idea of everything I study and what I read is to avoid physical and mental suffering, to be able to really enjoy this physical experience on earth, full of energy. Change the negative parts of our routine for small habits that do us well. All this is achieved by knowing our body, caring for it, nourishing it so that it is in balance with our mind and our environment.

How to take care of your “car”

You don't have to get up with a headache, have a protruding belly with bowel pains, and make the first thought in the morning negative Why would it have to be like that? If you have the most powerful machine on earth, why have a bad time? Why does getting out of bed take you so much effort? Why are you tired after sleeping 8 hours?

Here is the answer to many questions like that. The action of  feeding  and  intoxicating  is the same -  eating  . Imagine that you own a  Ferrari  and you charge it with common naphtha. As it is a super machine it will continue to work but over time the circuits will resent. Poor-quality naphtha will gradually destroy the engine, subtracting capacity and performance, damaging its perfection.  If we continue to neglect the tank, ever more serious failures are going to happen until the Ferrari does not turn on any more.   The same happens with our body and spirit, sometimes without us noticing it. When we feed badly the body begins to warn us with small failures and pains. If we listen to it and feed well, we feel better, we have more energy, even seems to us that life smiles at us and we get in a good mood. Everything is back in balance with a change that seems small but is giant. I invite you to learn how to use the most powerful  gadget  on earth.

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