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The 5 tips to avoid and decrease cellulite

Small tips to prevent or decrease cellulite from the comfort of your home.

The much-hated cellulite, those irregularities in the skin (also known as orange peel) that are partly due to a genetic predisposition, is more frequent in women than in men and is one of the most attended consultations in the office of aesthetic physicians.Here are some tips what you can do at home to prevent and reduce it: 1) Avoid immersion baths Hot water that does so well sometimes is one of the habits that can generate more cellulite. Increased local heat generates vasodilation in the area and then, if there is no good venous return, could generate more fluid retention. It is for this very reason that after a well hot sauna it is recommended to take a well cold shower from head to toe: for blood to return to its place by the vasoconstriction that generates the cold. 2) Walking It seems obvious, but every time we walk less. I recommend walking even half an hour per day to stimulate venous return and thus help detoxify the body, always accompanied by point 3... 3) Drink 2 liters of water per day (minimum) The need for water depends on the weight of each person, being 2 liters an average. In these 2 liters do not count infusions or sets, it has to be water only. 4) Wear comfortable shoes Wearing shoes that do not provide comfortable foot support can generate even more fluid retention, so I recommend that you can barely take out uncomfortable shoes optes for sneakers that provide support to the entire sole walk and go for a few minutes. 5) Avoid flours and frying These foods generate localized adiposity and, due to its high sodium content, even more fluid retention in your legs. Therefore, if you want to avoid cellulite it is important that you consume them as little as possible. You can reduce them little by little, replacing them with healthy snacks such as carrot canes or seasonal fruits.These 5 TIPS will help you, but if you want better results in decreasing cellulite, I recommend that they be accompanied by other treatments in the office.

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