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Sleeping with the enemy

There's a very serious illness between us. And the worst part is that it's very difficult to detect. We're sleeping with the enemy and we don't know. Find out what it's all about and be very careful.

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dormir con el enemigo

It was only in my fourth decade of life that I discovered that  human beings are not all good . I always believed that deep down we all had a certain kindness, a sense of empathy or  love  for others. And that up there, good always won. Probably that Christian or religious conception has led me to strike me so much, that one day I woke up from that illusion with such great pain that I ended up seeing reality. Certainly a great disappointment.

The Bible, according to my vision, is the manual of the soul. He keeps thousands of teachings and I recognize in it great wisdom in his interesting parables. The truth is that one of the quotes from the Gospel that have been recorded for me is in which Peter approaches Jesus and says to him: “Lord, how many times shall I have to forgive my  brother the offenses you do to me ?  Up to seven times?“Jesus answered him, “I say not to you seven times, but seventy times seven.“This idea of forgiveness is as fantastic as it is utopian and I wish it was applicable to all people. I've certainly been deluded.Unfortunately, reality has shown me that it is inaccurate and does not apply to all people.

Maybe I'm short on what I'm going to tell.

This introduction, based on  real facts  of my life, is the cornerstone for addressing a complex issue that dominates the everyday life of many millions of people.Hey, hey! So many? I'm probably short! It's awful what I'm going to tell you . Perhaps for some, this is nothing new.  But I am sure that the level of ignorance is so great that we have allowed the socialization of evil in our human culture to be installed in such a way that healthy people have lost control and badly  has taken such a magnitude that it is difficult to bend.

In my opinion, human beings today fall into two broad  categories, people of good and people of evil . Forgiveness... between good people and entities that don't deserve to be called “human beings”:  psychopaths .Probably the reader will not find anything new in these  words . We are used to watching movies of this type of specimen. Precisely, that distance between fiction and reality no longer exists. For we are refused to recognize the closeness of this truth that shakes and has the wrong to bring millions of people suffering from it. Those murderers, before they consecrated their  crime , were everyday psychopaths or integrated. People who roam around us. Not everyone gets to kill, even if everyone can do it, without having to move a hair.

It's at its core.

According to the world's leading expert on psychopathy, Dr. Robert D. Hare of Columbia University of Canada, between 1% and 3% of the world's population suffers from this disorder. That it's not a disease and that it doesn't have a reversal.According to some studies, in Spain there are more than one million “pure psychopaths” and between four and five million “normalized or integrated psychopaths”. Among narcissists, climbs, Machiavellians or evil, according to the professor at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Dr. Iñaki Piñuel.The psychiatrist and professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Dr. Hugo Marietan, has devoted part of his career to studying, describing and writing about what he himself called “the everyday psychopath”. Estimating that in  Argentina , between 3% and 5% of the population have psychopathic traits.These are men and women with special characteristics and needs with regard to power. They end up being harmful to those who link with them. Ensuring that they are not sick, although they will probably end up making those who turn out to be “their complements” sick.

 Have you ever crossed your life with a brilliant being, eccentric behavior, great power of  seduction , who ended up being manipulative, selfish and led to psychic collapse?Well, don't feel special .  You (male or female) undoubtedly connected with some of the psychopaths estimated to be in the country. And getting out of their emotional ambushes is no easy task.

Why are there so many?What is the reason for such a high number?

Psychopaths are characterized, among other things, by not showing empathy with those who suffer. They lack remorse .  They show a clear rejection of social norms of coexistence. And they combine large doses of impulsivity with the immediate pursuit of  pleasure . However, it is also true that there is a group of psychopaths who, although they maintain these same traits, do not even commit crimes.No, at least,  violent type .  This is why it is likely that these types of individuals will never be diagnosed. They are so-called subclinical or integrated psychopaths. Its numerical prevalence in society is much higher and difficult to determine. It's very hard to recognize them.And they often behave sympathetically and convincingly .  Although they tend to have trouble relating.

Not all of them are dangerous, but if you detect them, the  best thing you can do is run away  and not mingle with them. If this is not possible, reduce the treatment to the minimum essential. I recommend the bibliography of Iñaki Piñuel “Contact Zero”. Their information will help you to delve into the topic and provide you with tools and tips to get away from these entities.

I list below the main features to detect them

  • Lack of empathy
  • Egocentrism and Narcissism
  • Superficial charm
  • Emotional poverty
  • Antisocial (and criminal) behavior
  • Difficulty to learn from experience
  • Impulsivity and lack of planning
  • Lie and Manipulation
  • Parasitic lifestyle
  • Predisposition to boredom
  • Absence of remorse
  • Sexual promiscuity

And justice, psychology, how do they act in front of this?

Well, thank you! For now it is an elusive topic, with the excuse of not being able to detect them (and still consider them to be recoverable people). They advance in a camouflaged manner, causing  damage  that is only considered when it is too late. The subject becomes irrelevant. And let me explain it this way: there is no remedy, no vaccine . Since he does not take it seriously and to the extent that there is no awareness, the spread will be so viral that we will have lost the battle definitively.

 This issue is much more worrying than two  pandemics  together . It deserves a more meaningful space on the media covers. Sorry: once again I will correct. Psychopaths peridiously occupy the front lines of every newspaper in the world. But no one dares to give a name and surname to the most serious ailment suffered by mankind. The dominion of evil is present, hidden in divisions, confrontations, in countless episodes with suffering  victims  and victamaries seeking power. In a battle for now lost. Generating harmful differences that accumulate hatred, pain and much damage.We face the great challenge of recognizing  this “epidemic”.And then study how to deal with a treatment that allows to control this growing disorder .  Understanding that we are facing the  greatest scourge that human beings all over the world suffer  .

Publication Date: 04/08/2020

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By: Neysa 04 August, 2020

Interesante artículo!

By: Marcos A Sánchez 05 August, 2020

En respuesta a Neysa

Muchas gracias, ojalá les sume y sirva de algo, saludos!

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