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Psychological assistance for patients

Mendocins infected with coronavirus receive psychological assistance to cope with the effects of the disease.

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Asistencia psicológica

Isolated and pointed. This is how people who test positive for COVID-19 in Mendoza spend their days. When patients are asymptomatic or show very mild symptoms,  they are isolated in hospital rooms, for the sole purpose of complying with strict quarantine, but without demanding medical attention of high complexity . However, there is fundamental attention that is needed in these cases. It's counseling.

It is that people with coronavirus are often targeted as carriers of a terrifying evil. But, to this accusation, are added  other psychological torments such as the uncertainty of how the body of the affected person will respond.Meanwhile, in some cases, many have to deal with the fear of dying . 

Against this background, the Mendoza health authorities have made available to the COVID-19 positives  a group of professionals from psychology and psychiatry to attend to their mental problems . Of course, in the face of the need to be in contact with anyone, patients receive this service via telephone. And, although many reject them, many others thank him and assure that they were able to overcome the disease with a better quality of life.   

Aware of this reality, the Mental Health teams of Mendoza hospitals have had to modify their way of working in order to be able to provide their services to these new patients who began to arrive since March 21. From  Mental Health  and Addictions, they explained that  when this disease is experienced isolation is what weighs the most.They argue that people feel extremely lonely and more with a picture that goes through all ranks, creating great anguish and uncertainty, regardless of age . However, they have noticed that among young people there is a belief that the symptoms will be milder, which is why, in general, there is greater tranquility, different from what happens with older people.

The most common problems presented by isolated positive patients are  insomnia, anxiety crises and panic attacks in which, in some cases, medication intervention has been necessary .Among the most frequent fears that appear in this instance is death, since, although the fatality rate is low, the person in detention always keeps it in mind. Others also express great fear of what happens to others, such as caring for young children in the case of parents and mothers, or having infected others.

 Hospital clowns 

Beyond psychological assistance, some hospitals also provide entertainment for people affected by coronavirus. This is the case with El Carmen Hospital.  In the inner courtyards of this hospital, a group of   clowns  perform humorous and musical performances for a rather particular audience. It's just that patients can only see it through the window of their rooms.  

Clowns are musicians and acting professionals who prepare with costumes and musical instruments to provide a world-class show.

Publication Date: 06/08/2020

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