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Patrick Sassoli: Pedaling Excellence - Part 4

In this delivery the coach tells us about the different characteristics and components of bicycles and about how genetics, fiber type and training conditions the type of cadence used.

Health and Esthetics
Patrick Sassoli: Pedaleo de excelencia

 By Patrick Sassoli 

One of the transcendent changes was the incorporation of double and triple plates. The pine nuts went from one to three initially, to the current 12 pine nuts cones with their respective combinations of dishes and variable pine nuts. Another revolutionary contribution to cycling was pedals. These from simple to have toes with fastening strap.

The big jump of the efficient shoes with  pedal attachment. These changes in sport generated a physical tactical adaptation of cyclists, which together with brand and product offerings generated a huge gap between before and after. historical truths that worked in those times, being different at this time

Each modality or discipline of cycling requires and justifies the use of clear differences in developments within cycling. In order to understand the convenience of using the ideal cadence, we must relate it to the element used, modality that is practiced, type of activity, bearing surface and terrain including planimetry.

Within the modalities there are different tests and specialties. This determines the type of  bicycle  to be used, the variety of components and the different types of materials. Diversity in the geometries of the paintings;

  • Different sizes and materials, the most commonly used today are aluminum and carbon and in some cases titanium.
  • Different types of wheels (wheel size) Wheel
  • widths of all types (referring to yantas and especially tyres) Spoke rims, sticks or caps Covers
  • with or without drawing Covers
  • with
  • diversity of the type and quantity of studs depending on the terrain
  • Different handlebars according to specialty
  • Optimal weights related to rigidity, flexibility, strength and durability

It is common that in the language of the competitive cyclist, the modalities are identified by the width of the wheels, separating them into 3 large groups, which in turn have several specialties.

Fine Wheel Bicycles:

  • Duathlon Triathlon
  • Route or road
  • Track (Ovalo)
  • Time Trial
  • Circuit

Intermediate Wheel Bicycles:

  • Gravel
  • Cyclo-cross

Wide wheeled bicycles:

  • Mountain Biking or Mountain Bike
  • BMX
  • Trial
  • Descent

Another determining factor of cadence to be used is the individual biotype of the cyclist with its genetic characteristics in the type of predominant fibers.

The last and fundamental factor is the adaptation to the  training  that has been performing. For example, someone who does not practice high cadence with important developments will never feel comfortable in it. Even those who do not work maximum force and thrust force endurance, will not be able to effectively use low cadences or large developments. These two extremes do not counterbalance, the complete cyclist must master both capacities and know how to combine them in a timely manner.

Another example that what is not practiced is not obtained is: those who do not train outside the seat standing on the pedals will not find comfort in this gesture, in any kind of cadence. Because the correct technique of execution, metabolic and biomechanical adaptation has not been practiced.

There is no better cadence, there is more adequate and this will be related to the type of test and discipline, duration of the test, mileage to travel, situation and circumstance of race, relief, unevenness or bearing surface, type of terrain, environmental conditions such as wind humidity and even atmospheric pressure.eacute; rich, the element used and its aerodynamic characteristics, genetic characteristics of the athlete and the type of training to which the athlete is accustomed, even a planning period in which he is pre-season or full season. Among other variables

The different cadences:

  • We use it by coaches in planning.
  • It allows the development and enhancement of different functional abilities, qualities and physical abilities
  • Significantly affects physical performance and functional performance
  • .
  • We vary depending on periodization depending on the stage of development that is intended to improve in the
  • It
  • determines the type of muscle fiber you want to stimulate.

Depending on the cadence used there will be the preponderance of the use of muscle fibers Type I or II A or II B (Resistance, Intermediate and Maximum Strength respectively including the corresponding functional substrates and energy systems).

 The cadence in competition is decisive, allowing endogenous functional tactics to be organized according to the strategic. 

Cadence measurement is applicable to multiple sports activities, such as pedestrian in its various specialties, walking, walking etc. Cadence is the number of steps x minute),  swimming  (number of strokes and or kicks per minute), rowing (rowing strokes per minute), skating (pushings x minutes), trekking (steps x minute), cross-country skiing (envions x minute), among others.

Cadence is read and applied in any activity in which there are cyclic sports gestures, being able to determine the rhythm. In turn this is combined with the amount of load or thrust resistance, obtaining a resulting torque (called physical moment of force) and power. These two combinations relate to the effectiveness and efficiency of pedaling

In the next publication we will continue to develop the  Pedaling of Excellence. 

 Patrick Sassoli is a Physical Coach  

 Certified by Orthos Barcelona Spain  

 Olympic coach specialized in cycling, triathlon, marathon and endurance sports,  

 Coach and Team Technician,  

 Sports nutritionist. 

 Founder of the first training center specialized in cycling in Latin America, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. 

 Director and Founder of Stage One Cycling School. 

 Director of the company Live Biking Pro Race. 

 Creator of the Insite, First professional method of stationary cycling. 

 Current Team Stage One Live Biking technician 

 Founder of the Metropolitan Cycling Association CABA. 

 Founder of the Bike Park Center in CABA. 

 Founding Vice President of the RWBike 

 Director of the company LIVE BIKING (Planning and Training Method in Cycling and High Performance Triathlon),  


Site :  

 E mail:   .  


twitter: @Patrick_sassoli 

IG:  @livebikingpro 

IG:  @patrickcoachsassoli 

Publication Date: 05/01/2021

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