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Patrick Sassoli: exercise on holiday

The coach gives us some tips to keep pace during the holidays and feel more comfortable with our body.

Health and Esthetics
Patrick Sassoli

 By Patrick Sassoli 


 Normally the holidays will affect us significantly, physically and mentally.  

People in general non-sports professionals who perform daily routines usually cut off physical activity wholly or partially during the holidays. This statistic is more related to profiles of people who weigh them physically and psychologically, the physical activity they practice during the year, considering them a real sacrifice and life effort.

Faced with this situation there is the disjunctive of: getting away from any idea and possibility of carrying out the regular activity that we were doing, whether moderate or intense, or think about shaping the holidays with alternatives of physical exercise to minimize the consequences that this phase of the year will leave. What consequences will the possibility to throw our belly up from beginning to end  holiday  without taking care of us at all? When we neglect  sports  on vacation we will relax in good nutritional habits, letting in caloric foods, alter routines and decrease our quality nutritious.

 Some more direct consequences of the holiday period, either by suspending or minimizing physical activity: 
  • Increase in body weight.
  • Increase in fat percentage
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Decreased basal and functional metabolic activity
  • Increased assimilation of consumed foods
  • Aesthetic body changes (increase in body volume)
  • Increased consumption food based on caloric expenditure
  • Increased intake of caloric beverages whether healthy or alcoholic.
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Decreased aerobic capacity
  • Decrease of Vo2 Max (maximum oxygen consumption)
  • Cardiac morphological and functional changes
  • Increased basal and functional heart rate
  • Loss of physical capacity and fitness
  • Decreased hormone production
  • Increased triglycerides and cholesterol
  • Feeling of laziness
  • In some cases increased anxiety
  • Conditions in character and mood.
  • Lack of energy and lack of energy


 All these effects and consequences that tend to leave holiday can be diminished or avoided, and even if they are proposed and is in their objectives it is possible to improve the body physical condition  .  

Competitive and professional recreational athletes have no alternative but to train on their vacation. In case they have to take them in this period of the year, referring to the months of January February March and April they will have to give prominence to the training because it is usually the period before competitions. Unless they have the option of doing them at another time of the year. Surely the professional chooses to leave it for after the sports season (racing period) to be able to rest from the hard routines. That scheduled stop in the planned athlete's preparation is called the transition period. In that case the professional athlete usually discontinues the physical activity of training almost completely for 2 weeks, or simply perform so-called intuitive or occasional workouts. Dipped of chronometers and annotations.

sports activities


Organized and improvised activities for all types and profile of people


It is very important for those who perform their physical routines throughout the year, to outline how we will experience them in our holiday period. Depending on our needs and wishes, we can consider in advance the choice of location and the adequacy of the available logistics as the appropriate elements and clothing. Wear sneakers, leggings or shorts, caps with visor, sports tights, training gloves, t-shirts and or muscular dry-fit, even have some models with long sleeves and coats divers. In case you practice  cycling , skate or skate important helmet, knee pads, goggles, protective gloves, special shoes, jersey, leggings etc. We can also list the items to get or wear for physical activity in case we do not have gyms available such as some overload anklets and dumbbells for those traveling by car. Other suggestions are tension bands for practice exercises with resistance, they take up very little space, are very light and practical for those who travel by plane. Other items such as jumping ropes, training mats, yoga mats, swiss fitball etc.

The first thing is  to contact the body , watch us enjoy the type of clothing, which usually happens in the summer period. It is light of clothes on beaches, swimming pools and the same recreational activities allow us to see us more stripped and decontractured. This is an ideal motivational condiment, to dress in comfortable clothes that allows us to be ready to physically activate for the occasion, and to be able to burn extra calories in an improvised way. Whether by doing shopping by walking, avoid using the car. Swim a few lengths in the pool. Or spontaneously on the beach invite whoever is with us chatting to continue the same walking to the next place or treking on a mountain or nose, or just swim in the pool or sea. Even hold a talk doing leg or arms exercises with water up to your neck in place. If we have children play with them to catch them in the water of the pool is an excellent exercise of endurance and mobility. Move to the beach without transporting us by motor vehicle, take every opportunity to move using calories from carbohydrates and fats. Let's change the habit of using the motorcycle or the car, to move on foot or by bike to any visit or program or management we need to do.    This change of habit can help you stay in shape. Of course, each metabolism is unique and the benefit will be different in each individual, related to weight, sex, age, pace of gait if it is intense and fast or moderate and slow. The most effective activity worldwide is to practice “POWER WALKING” would be a very effective physical activity for all kinds of people in general. Even recommended by doctors for many people with some pathology such as heart disease, joint problems, osteoarthritis, overweight, rehabilitation etc., so there is very little population at risk outside this possibility.    

 Some considerations to consider for different forms and modes of vacation: 
  • Travel:  alone, as a couple or as a family 

You can practice physical activity as a routine. If you have the possibility to carry your bike, goggles and shoes, you will be able to get the maximum benefits of intensive planned workouts and even double and triple shifts. Getting back from the holiday stronger and more resilient than before leaving.

Many triathlon or road and mountain biking athletes travel to places where they will compete soon, taking better advantage of their training on the slopes, climates, altimetries and environments where they will compete.

Patrick Sassoli

 In Couple 

 In view of the situation, activities that canbe shared will be practiced or in many cases if each has his or her preferred discipline, they will reconcile the moments for training.     


The priority will be to share time with the family. Trainings will have to fit the possibilities by finding the available spaces. Do not overwhelm your family with your preparation, that already did during the year. Now it's about sharing.

Later we elaborate on tips and tips. An alternative is to wake up very early and do a short practice of high demand arriving to have breakfast with the companions without generating delays

  • Place or destination of travel:  Cities, beaches or rivers, mountains, resorts or rural areas.  

If it's to know the same. Tourism will have priority with tour schedules, museums etc. So you will be more limited in time. Being able to get up early and use hotel gyms, or perform calisthenics (exercises with own weight) in your room or a square. Having short sessions, the run around the city is great to get to know it, in some cases you can surely have a pool in the hotel for swimming, and even rent a bicycle.

 Beaches or rivers 

Swimming in open water, rowing, running and not having a hotel with gym, perform calisthenics exercises. In general you can rent bicycles


Treking, or cycling, in some cases if the temperature permits there are usually lakes to swim and or paddle. In general, you can rent bicycles. It is not advisable to  run  in the mountain slope, it is highly possible that, in case there is no plain tendonitis or chronic lesions occur.

 Resorts or All Inclusive (Resorts with everything solved) 

There is usually a variety of activities and proposals organized by the hosts. Even in which you can be accompanied by the family in many of them.

  • Time of stay in place:  stay or in transit from one place to another 
 Stay in place 

Organize activities based on routines such as calisthenics, gym, classes, group run, bike or swimming among others.

 If you have multiple destinations 

You are obliged to improvise sessions of calisthenics, gym, swimming and or run in the few times you have adjusting to resources.

  • Purpose of the same:  Tourism or Rest.  

If it is to know a place, especially if it is Europe or big cities it is better to stop training for another time, take advantage of the hikes or run to tour the places and do some occasional exercise.


Search for activities that do not alter the initial purpose by accommodating the hours of relaxation and rest

  • Ways and means of transfer:  Airplane, collective, car, motorbike, train, bicycle, foot or boat 

You must carry as few items as possible and use the logistics of the duty station. One tip is to wear a minimum amount of clothing for training and to renew the equipment to use during the holidays and not to pay overweight. If you have possibilities you can board your bike with a case (box) that protects it and good insurance.


Move as few items as possible you can even transport the bike, warning in advance when buying the ticket at the company.


It is very comfortable to carry the necessary equipment and even the bike. It can be on an external bike carrier, both on the rear of the vehicle and on the roof.


You can carry few things and solve with local logistics. Don't forget your running shoes


It is an excellent alternative in which there is usually no problem to move your bike


While it is quite restricted by the pandemic, today's cruises have all sorts of possibilities to train on board. In this case treadmills and stationary bicycles shall be used


Secrets will be in nutrition, rest and the choice of routes and destinations. The recommendation is to perform exercises to strengthen the middle zone and upper train. Yoga and pilates along with calisthenics do not require extra elements. Even soft swimming is an excellent exercise indicated for all ages and regenerative post efforts.

Without altering one must resort to attitude, knowing that from crises we can obtain positive behaviors that generate opportunities.

Let us not drop those toned, healthy and vigorous bodies. We are responsible for protecting the health care and recreation space. We deserve to devote attention, defending the space of our health, well-being and personal aesthetics. Let us be protagonists in our own destinies without excuses or postponements.


 Patrick Sassoli is a Physical Coach  

 Certified by Orthos Barcelona Spain  

 Olympic coach specialized in cycling, triathlon, marathon and endurance sports,  

 Coach and Team Technician,  

 Sports nutritionist.  

 Founder of the first training center specialized in cycling in Latin America, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.  

 Director and Founder of Stage One Cycling School.  

 Director of the company Live Biking Pro Race.  

 Creator of Insite Biking, first professional method of stationary cycling.  

 Current Team Stage One Live Biking technician 

 Founder of the Metropolitan Cycling Association CABA.  

 Founder of the Bike Park Center in CABA.  

 Founding Vice President of the RWBike 

 Director of the company LIVE BIKING (Planning and Training Method in Cycling and High Performance Triathlon),  


Site :  

 E mail:   .  


Twitter: @Patrick_sassoli 

IG: @livebikingpro 

IG: @patrickcoachsassoli 



Publication Date: 24/02/2021

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