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Careful! Fruits are said to get fat.

Seriously, are you worried about fruit sugar?

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How many people talking about fruit sugar. Oh, but the oil of milanese and empanadas not, from the refined flour of pizza and flute bread they buy in the bakery, not from the fats contained in cookies that in the Chinese house sell them as “LIGHT” because they have red fruits and oats... NO. So why do we repeat like children and distort things at convenience?

 Fruits are BENEFICIAL , people. They do not suppress themselves from eating them for fear that they will “fool” them, when their effect does the opposite. Fruits, as such, promote weight loss because they help us to naturally dispose of excess toxins, fat and fluids from our body because of their fiber content.  Most fruits are composed of more than 70% water . This keeps us hydrated and helps us fight so odious fluid retention (they have very good amount of fiber and water, which also helps reduce visible cellulite)

Seriously, are you worried about fruit sugar?

If it is true that they contain a natural sugar called Fructose, but it is never digested as quickly as processed sugar, because as I already mentioned, it has fiber and this slows down its digestion. In addition they are very low in calories, even the “most caloric”, like banana, has almost 90 calories every 100 grams.

There are no times to eat fruit, there are no times,  they can be consumed at night, during breakfast, as snack, at the time you like the most . Yes there are estimated portions to eat, but it is never accurate, every body is a world and the calorie distribution is always given to each individual in a personalized way for something.  From 3 to 5 servings a day are mostly what I advise  in my food plans to my counselors, for each different, as it influences their goal and goal. But how much is a portion? In most cases it is always a piece. 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 tangerine. If it's big as banana, it could be medium. But as I anticipated, it all depends on each person.

Don't be afraid of fruits! Afraid cookies that “bite” with mate, sugary soft drinks that eat with meals believing LIGHT is sugar-free, when LIGHT is low in sugar/low in calories. Temanle alfajor, total is a small portion and once a day... How bad can it do you? Open your mind and learn more. Knowing is power! Don't forget.

Publication Date: 04/05/2019

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By: SiorBeniamino 04 May, 2019

Sabés, yo no como nada. Esa es la forma más saludable para vivir. Uno piensa, "de verdad hacía falta un artículo así?" Bueno, hay cada especial que difunde sus locuras y la gente que sin pensar las repite.

By: FlorenciaGodoy 07 May, 2019

En respuesta a SiorBeniamino

No estoy para nada de acuerdo. "Yo no como nada, esa es la forma más saludable para vivir" ¿¿¿¿????? Claro, los nutrientes que el cuerpo necesita difícilmente podrá sacarlos del oxígeno que inhalamos. Pero cada argentino vive a su modo, gracias por compartir tu pensamiento. ¡Éxitos, querid@!

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