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Let's talk about Sex

However, there is NOT a knowledge about sexuality. Although many media, “speakers”, or teachers of sexuality, want us to believe.

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Better to say, “Let's talk about sexuality.” It is from this perspective that we must consider how to deal with or what to do in relation to the  sexuality  of children, puberties and adolescents.
First of all, it is necessary to clarify that there is no idea that somewhere you can teach about what sexuality should be like. Which does not mean that there is no possibility to address the issue. However, there is NOT a knowledge about sexuality. Although many media, “speakers”, or teachers of sexuality, want us to believe.

Almost a century ago, Freud raised the idea of child sexuality, which of course was not well received at the time. Today, sex education occupies spaces in schools and families.
In our country, all children, puberts and adolescents have the right to learn about sexuality. This is established by Act No. 26.150, adopted in 2006, which establishes a national programme whereby all schools are public or private, have the obligation to teach ESI.
The theme is that the school establishes a parameter of knowledge that does not point to singularities; it attempts to teach collective knowledge, which may not coincide with the idea that parents have about transmitting sex education. Therefore, I consider that the school should transmit knowledge related to anatomy, physiology, biology; no more than that. Perhaps within the framework of related subjects, in which teachers are more trained in this regard.

Now what do we as parents do on these issues?, what do we answer? We answer what we can, with the most common terms. We will say what is fluid and understandable to us. And what we can't answer, we take care of without holding the boy responsible for the difficulties caused by questions.
The best thing we can do is to know that for this there is no closed advice or formula, that we must bear in mind that we can be wrong, as can happen with any other subject. And this means that we can return to the subject having reflected, as many times as necessary.

Publication Date: 16/05/2018

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