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Water kefir!!! Ke how much??? What is it about???

Many patients ask me what it is and what it is for. I tell you something else about this drink.

Benefits of water Kefir, among them:
Helps to strengthen the  immune system  (our defenses), probiotics present in kefir logan successfully fight other bacteria in the acidic environment of  digestive system. 
It is a drink that contains about 15 species of  yeasts , of different species.
According to various scientific studies, water kefir could help in the treatment of certain autoimmune  diseases  , improving digestive and intestinal health. This probiotic is good for improving the health of the digestive system. In addition, this product could fight irritable bowel syndrome.
 Anti-inflammatory  and antibiotic properties; according to a study by the  American Dietetics Association  tells us that taking water kefir could help reduce the yessymptoms of  lactose intolerance , present in cow's milk.
Helps fight diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol: Water kefir is good for controlling glucose levels, blood pressure and  cholesterol levels .
Be encouraged to try it; there are different tastes, you can buy them from your dietary friend or prepare it at home.
Finally, we should take it in moderation, and as always I tell you consult your doctor and/or Nutritionist.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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