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If you tell me what is watching on TV, your son can tell you what he eats

The most important thing is to accompany our children and see what they choose when watching TV.

Health and Esthetics

Some time ago I read an article saying that at a University of the United States (University of Colorado) research was done that determined that certain overweight cartoon characters could have a negative impact on children's feeding, increasing the consumption of high-calorie foods. I stopped reading the article, started to fly with imagination and I remembered that when my children were very young they liked to watch TV, of course drawings. In the drawings they also ate, but what did they eat? Were they good examples for our children? Scooby Doo his huge sandwiches. Ninja Turtles pizzas. Winnie the Pooh, honey. Dragon Ball Goku, an impressive amount of food. Homer Simpson's threads. How can I forget about Garfield's lasagna, crazy fat cat? SpongeBob's Crab Burger, in that secluded place called Bikini Bottom (even I wanted to know that place). I also remembered the brontosaurus cutlets from Los Flintstones (an amazing drawing). Popeye's spinach (which we already talked about): we all wanted to have those powers. The best scene in the animated film of the Lady and the Tramp when the two lovers share a dish of spaghettis. Who does not remember the tale of our dear Snow White, when the evil witch feeds him a poisoned apple? There are many drawings overweight or with vices like Homer and beer. There are studies conducted in which it is shown that many children who see these drawings are more tempted with consuming food that we call “junk” (far from low-calorie, nutritious and healthy foods). It is important to know what our children eat, but also monitor what they watch on TV or on social media. We must be aware that if what you see shows a healthy diet. The most important thing is to accompany our children and see what they choose when watching TV. Do not forbid but explain what it is to eat consciously and healthily, so that at the moment when we are not present they know what to choose. And have a good habit like breakfast! The ends are not good, so we need to know what they do and not put them alone in front of the screen because we need them to be entertained. We will continue with the subject...

Publication Date: 14/11/2018

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By: Susana Massey 23 November, 2018

Excelente nota!!

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