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Holidays with or without physical activity?

Coach Patrick Sassoli gives us tips to keep pace during the holidays

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 By Patrick Sassoli 

 As a coach I recommend not to suspend  physical activity  on vacation 

Let's go over some aspects to reflect.

We managed to be active during the year, with high commitment in carrying out regular exercise. Defending this space of health against wind and tide with meritorious results in the aesthetic and functional.

We've been through the  festive period . Attempting the continuity of physical activity due to the demand of the time by attending events, farewell of the year, family reunions, toasts, etc. The runs and inevitable overnights are added, leaving behind the heaviness caused by hangovers due to excesses of food and alcoholic beverages highly caloric.

At this beginning of the year we slowly re-organize ourselves in our routines entering the turbulent waters of the holiday period.

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In these times we carry  stress overload and extra anxiety due to restrictions, traffic permits, swabs, controls and  quarantine .  Coming out of a very difficult year in the attempt to adapt to all activities, especially physics such as work organization and daily life.

Of course, the vast majority of the population affected the way and destination of vacation. This year will be very different than we usually did. Assuming the stress involved in care to reduce the risks of infection, especially for those who move to other destinations accompanied by family members.

 For those who vacation in our homes a unique and unprecedented special challenge.  

This combination of difficulties forces you to think about conducting a review of decisions that include physical activity. The attitude is to know that from crises we can obtain positive behaviors that generate opportunities.

Let us not drop toned, healthy and vigorous bodies. We are responsible for protecting the health care and recreation space. We deserve to devote attention and prominence.

If we abandon the good habits of regular exercise and nutrition, our achievements will collapse affecting self-esteem, with that feeling of increased guilt for giving space to laziness. So finding real difficulty to resume physical activity at the end of our holidays.

The proposal is to resort to decision-making. Visualize what we want, focusing on desire, bringing it to thought, resorting to firmness of character to execute it, and willpower to sustain and continue our training.


Movement generates greater activity in people and animals. It is a phenomenal positive balance that generates vigor and increased hormonal production, at all ages. Giving us better mood, stable character, positive thoughts, increased libido, and a motivating order not only in the physical but also in the emotional mental. Facilitating a positive perception in our day to day, raising the quality of life.

We favor the warm weather, an increase in hours of sunshine and light during the day. Which gives us more time and energy to do more outdoor activities.  Many hormones are activated in our body, making us go out and use our physical power .

Another avant-garde change in healthy habits is the current awareness of medical recommendations for the prevention of the spread of  Covid-19 , being able to use them as a preventive vaccine  raising the natural defense system of the organism  and minimizing the risky effects and symptoms of patients

The basic recommendations are:

  • Quality Rest
  • Physical activity
  • Feed properly
  • Sunbathing at least 30 minutes daily with responsibility in appropriate hours.

 The holiday period is ideal to cultivate and organize new and good habits.  For those who are systematic in sports during the year, it is important to maintain continuity by redesigning the activities letting in a new and renewed air to practices.

The recommendation as a coach is that you have regular physical activity during the holidays. They can even include their relatives in the practice of such physical activity. No pressing, no indoctrination, nor imposing. Simply Inviting, Facilitating, Encouraging, Encouraging and Motivating.

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 All this will be a loving mission and intention that transcends sporting.  

Boys are induced through play and fun. Never make the technical pressure of perfectionism feel in what they do. They had a year of confinement and we must think about physical, psychic, social and motor development.

Older people invite them to walk calmly, holding a conversation that makes them pleasant to walk. Away from the crowds because of the risk of infection. By transmitting to them our willingness and presence there, with them. Giving them the place of importance to enjoy the walk and the conversation.

Young people look for recreational space as a challenge, organize championships by points and even some symbolic prize if the test is done reinforcing the prize if they get the victory.

I suggest you don't drag the rest of the group, whether they're family or friends to your favorite sport, unless they ask you to. Look for open proposals for diverse family or collective activities, of low technical requirements, different and complementary to your favorite discipline.

In case you decide to continue practicing your specialty do it on your own, without affecting the other group space, be it tennis, football, cycling, golf, running, swimming, yoga among other disciplines.

Next note we will offer proposals for the most recommended activities for this holiday period, from simple to complex and little to much.

I wish you very happy holidays

We don't always have what we want.  

 Let us be attentive and present to distinguish, honor, thank by owning and receiving what we need 

 Undoubtedly we will have, the health and body that we deserve 

 Patrick Sassoli is a Certified Physical Coach by Orthos Barcelona Spain. Olympic coach specialized in cycling, triathlon, marathon and endurance sports, Coach and Team technician, Sports nutritionist. Founder of the first training center specialized in cycling in Latin America, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.Director and Founder of Stage One Cycling School. Director of the company Live Biking Pro Race. Creator of the Insite, First professional method of stationary cycling. Current technician of Team Stage One Live Biking. Founder of the Metropolitan Cycling Association CABA. Founder of the Bike Park Center in CABA. Founding Vice President of the RWBike. Director of the company LIVE BIKING (Planning and Training Method in Cycling and High Performance Triathlon),  


Site :  

 E mail:   .  


twitter: @Patrick_sassoli 

IG:  @livebikingpro 

IG:  @patrickcoachsassoli 

Publication Date: 27/01/2021

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