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Heat in the city: can we continue to train with high temperatures?

I followed these tips from Power by Camila to continue training despite the heat.

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 By Power by Camila 

 Summer  came to stay and there are several cities in the country that already suffer from high temperatures. From the increase in the use of air conditioning to the increase in purchases of pelopincho pools, Argentines are preparing to cope with the heat wave.
When it comes to adapting day-to-day routines to high temperatures, the home office has allowed many to escape the heat in public transport. However, not to ignore  physical training  during these moments remains a challenge for everyone, even the most sportsmen.

 “ To maintain a healthy life it is important to have physical activity throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. However, part of health care is also to adapt the routines we do to our environment, so that we can avoid exposing us demands that put our well-being at risk,”  explains Camila Mariana, founder of Power by Camila, the training application that seeks to help women generate a positive relationship with physical activity, who shares tips to continue training this summer:

01. Do not wait for training to hydrate

Staying hydrated is very important both during hot days and when it comes to  training . However, contrary to what many believe, it is not enough to drink water during our routine, but it is important to start  moisturizing  at least two hours before and gradually.

02. I reduced the intensity of your workout

While the idea is to be able to maintain our routine constantly, it is important that to take care of our body during hot days we have a “plan b” that allows us to continue moving but with a controlled level of effort. For example, if you are training through the Power by Camila app and you have a Hit cardio class, days where the temperature exceeds the average you can choose to reduce the intensity and do a medium or low intensity class, while if you like to go running, another option is to choose to jogging or walk on the most difficult days.

03. Remember the electrolytes

By regulating the temperature of our body, perspiration also removes mineral salts called electrolytes, that is small particles found in the plasma that help nerves, muscles, and brain function correctly, so it is important that the drink we drink when it comes to training, help us recover the amount of electrolytes lost during exercise.
 “ While there are many sports drinks that have this mineral and are easily bought in the kiosk, the reality is that they usually have an excessive amount of sugar. The best thing when it comes to training is to buy the electrolyte capsules that are easily obtained in pharmacies or online, and dilute them in our water bottle”  explains Camila Mariana.

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04. I chose the least hot time to get into action

If you are going to have physical activity outside the home, wake up early in the morning or opt directly to start in the afternoon to avoid the hottest times of the day.
If online training during the quarantine became a custom and you think to stay at home, avoid that at the time of physical activity the air conditioning is on, since the traditional “split” equipment that we usually have at home do not control the humidity of the environment and dehydrate the air, leaving the environment very dry. Ideally, you refresh the room where you are going to train in advance and keep the window open during your routine.

05. Modify your heat entry

High temperatures also make our muscles warm faster, so the warming you practice in winter can be excessive in summer. During this period, you will make heat inputs more focused on mobility and shortening the cardiovascular section a little.
It does not matter if you train in a group, with an app; or if you are a great athlete or a beginner, the heat affects us all, so summer is a time when more than ever we should pay attention to the signals that our body gives us to continue maintaining a healthy life.
To try out a new training experience and start working on a better version of yourself, go to  Power by Camila  and learn how to download the app available for IOS and Android.

Publication Date: 02/02/2021

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By: Clau Pas 10 February, 2021

Buenísimo los tips para entrenar con el calorcete intenso de este verano inolvidable 2021😆

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