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Exit the comfort zone

Today almost all oriental theories aim to “get out of the place of comfort”. I fully share this proposal.

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By  Maria Cabeza 

Why do most of us live watching an episode of the same  film  over and over again? Why don't we try to discover and explore other areas, new options, the unknown?

One of the reasons may be that leaving the familiar means leaving those emotionally safe  places  , covering up our pain and avoiding getting rid of our suffering as if doing so would lead us to an emotional breakdown from which it is impossible to return.

To look deep in our hearts is to make conscious what happens to us and a  knowledge  and understanding is needed that may frighten us — as it is necessary to look at our past and  feel  what happened to us in order to explain our present.  Worth it!  Pain is a step to change, anguish has a motor. What stops us relentlessly is fear.

 Kathryn Black says “Examining our stories may well require a dive into the dark waters, but by exploring those waters... we can leave them and the fear they evoke, behind. ”

Many times we find ourselves saying, “I already know I have, how precise, what is wrong with me”, but the missing questions are: What should I do to  change ? How do I do it? Who do I ask for  help ? What do I do with what I know?

I know it's not easy to break with inherited or learned patterns and it takes a lot of confidence and courage to deal with them, but it's possible!

Every healing process involves suffering, it is inevitable and you can even read that it is  healthy  (“When it hurts, it doesn't always mean you're hurt but maybe you're healing”) but I assure you that the look forward and change, putting an YES where there was a NO, recovering  self-esteem , getting out of the bad known because they recorded us that it was better than good to meet... it will take us, step by step, one day after the other, to be free, safe and happy people again.

 I invite you to leave your comfort zone, if others could, you're also going to make it. 

Publication Date: 01/08/2020

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