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Everything you need to know to train at home

During the quarantine, many videos encourage people to train at home. We leave you some tips to keep in mind.

Health and Esthetics
entrenar en casa

Tutorials, live classes on Instagram, videos on Facebook: all routines that can be done at home with drums, a mat or just slippers. The Internet proliferates with content, from the simplest things, to more complex routines and  for advanced people . All encouraging  physical activity . Many people who have been locked in their homes for several days began to feel the need to move their bodies, especially those who live in small  apartments  or places. It is known: physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, but these days it is also known that it clears the mind and, for a while, we think about something else. That is why it is recommended by specialists in the subject. Training at home a few minutes a day can change the day a lot and, if incorporated as a routine, better.

But you have to start little by little and, above all, consult a specialist so that our training is the right one.  Gonzalo Mesias Weyerstall  is a physical education teacher and instructor at a gym. In communication with  Ser Argentino , he said: “You can do endless exercises with items that we all have at home (such as a bottle or a broom stick) or with one's own body weight. As far as possible, we must do it under the supervision of a professional as he will guide us and take care of our health avoiding possible injuries that can be generated if we do exercises incorrectly.

Equally important to exercise is  food  and rest: they are fundamental pillars that many people ignore. If we do not eat well and if we do not sleep properly, we will not be doing the right job,” concluded the specialist who also clarified that we have to do activity not for an aesthetic issue, but for the good of us.

Publication Date: 11/04/2020

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