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Do you eat “healthy” and not lose weight?

Go to the note and find out why the balance is not the best tool to measure your progress.

Here is another very common dilemma. First I want to ask you, what are you going with? With the scale? If you weigh yourself in the pharmacy around the corner in the morning when you go out shopping and you're 70 kg, and in two days when you pass by at seven pm coming back from work tell you that you weigh 72 kg, you get bad? Are you sad? The scale, friends, plays with our head and our emotions. The scale is never accurate, you're not 72 kg of pure fat. You're water, bones, muscles, organs and yes, also a little fat. But what about that 2 kilos extra? You got fat in 48 hours? NO! Let's start: weighing you at different times of the day will have a lot of influence on the weight. The ideal is to weigh yourself as you get up, fasting, after your first pee in the morning. That's your weight without excess fluid or food. Now, if you weigh yourself after eating 4 or 5 times a day (plus water intake), you will weigh more.

The weight will vary every day, depending on what you have consumed. For example, you went out to eat and ordered meat with salad, but how much salt and oil is there? Did you add dressings? The dressing is sugar and sodium flavored in a plasticized container. Sausages also greatly favor liquid retention. If you suffered constipation on that day, you also weigh more! If that day you consumed more carbohydrates than usual (vegetables, rice, pasta, bread, cereals) you also weigh more! Each gram of carbohydrates retains 4 grams of water, and each gram of sodium retains 5 grams of water. In our follicular and luteal phase of the menstrual cycle we can weigh up to one and a half kilograms more and if we add to that “antojitos” that we consume in those days thanks to the hormonal revolution we suffer, you will weigh more.

So how to progress? Or rather, how to measure progress? First, motivate yourself not to consume “miraculous” products or listen to plans that assure you to lose a certain amount of kilograms in an “X” time because, I'm sorry to say, it's not true. Every body is different. Arm with patience, Rome was not done in a day and great things come with time. Patience, constancy and dedication.

Set real goals. “This month I'm under 4 kilos” doesn't work. Respect your body, if you gave it years of sedentary lifestyle and bad habits do not pretend to give you the body you are looking for in 3 months. Measure your progress with an anthropometric assessment (your fat and muscle is measured), measure your different areas of the body with a tape measure, take pictures every month. See how your clothes are going. Looser? Does the pant closure not tighten so much anymore? Did that shirt stop squeezing your arms? Excellent! You're on a very good way!

And the scale? Use that inaccurate method once a month as a guide, but let it not affect you emotionally, changes are seen from other sides.

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