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Do psychologists like to stir in the past?

Often psychologists are accused of attributing to childhood the origin of all problems.

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Often psychologists are accused of delving into the past and attributing to childhood the origin of all problems. This is partly true and has an explanation. On the one hand, childhood is a moment in life when our developing mind is not strong enough to absorb the voltage of emotions and sensations generated by some experiences. On the other hand, childhood is the moment in life when we most intensively live the relationship with our parents because of the depth of feelings and the situation of dependence on them.Given this situation, it may be that there are some particularly intense experiences that find us on guard. low. We will record these experiences as saturated with intensity, as if they had an electrical overload. They leave marks and condition the way we read events and links in the future and have the quality of maintaining that intensity, no matter how long it passes, which makes us perceive them as almost just happened. It is as if what happened somehow resisted becoming part of our past because when we remember them we feel the same anguish we did then and we feel it in a current way. Those emotional experiences of the past that left a mark and that we have not resolved are combined in gerund:  they did not pass, they still  happen . As “gerund” sounds like a German uncle and is not an everyday expression, I propose, to name this phenomenon common to all people, to borrow the expression of English verbal time: the present continuous (verbs ending in “ing”). So, we could say that the unelaborated past is, for our psycho emotional reality, a continuous present that continues to pass. This is why psychologists should put our gaze and our listening into people's history. We must understand where they come from and when those feelings of anguish that accompany the symptoms for which our patients consult so that we can disable this process of  ongoing  suffering. The psychic work of processing and elaboration of these experiences and feelings is long and difficult and its outcome depends on many factors. To review those old conflicts is at first painful and annoying, but the reward is relief and resolution in the medium to long term. Psychoanalysts call this psychic work or elaboration work because the patient's mind strives to do something better with what happened to him and transform it into something better. When this happens, the past ceases to be a painful continuous present and finally becomes past. It permanently stops happening and goes into history. Instead of an open, infected wound, clinical work will first generate a shell and then a scar. There, the tissue is not equal, signal that something important marked us, but no longer hurts.We would say, to answer the question of the title, it is not a matter of taste, but of clinical need. When something hurts like that, the best thing we can do is not keep it to “be strong” or not to worry others, but to talk about it or make a consultation.

Publication Date: 22/06/2020

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By: laura 08 November, 2018

Excelente nota mi querido colega! suelo pensar estos temas....gracias por los aportes!

By: Lic Diego Soubiate 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Muchísimas Gracias Laura!! Un abrazo

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