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Did you hear about intermittent fasting?

And here is ANOTHER great existential doubt that many Argentines have and as always the lack of information abounds.

And here is ANOTHER great existential doubt that many Argentines have and as always the lack of information abounds.  Intermittent fasting is not something new or something special, as we all fast when we sleep . If you had dinner at 9:00pm and you had breakfast at 9 o'clock, you did a 12-hour fast! It's as simple as that.

Now, what is the current issue? It is talking about the  “16/8 fasting”   which consists of fasting (not eating) for 16 hours in a row and eating all the meals that correspond to you within a range of 8 hours  . For example, if your last meal is at 22hs, you start eating at 14 hours, and from there on more you feed until 22 hours your fast starts again. So, are you skipping breakfast? And... yes.

Now, with so many hours of fasting, I don't lose muscle mass?

It was scientifically proven that during fasting hours a greater amount of growth hormone is released, which protects the breakdown of proteins while maintaining muscle mass. The weight loss could be given if the fast exceeds 24 hours... So, is it good? Is it effective?

Fasting from time to time (as I do in my case, but I fast only 12 hours, once or twice every fortnight I will make a 16-hour fast, I take advantage of the weekends that I sleep more and with that excuse I do my fast)  It has many proven benefits, but in my view it is NOT for everyone. 

One of the  benefits of intermittent fasting  is that it promotes the body to use fats as  the main fuel and this improves fat metabolism  ; it also  delays aging because it manages to  lengthen the lifespan of cells;  improves function because during fasting TSH (Thyroid  Stimulating Hormone) increases metabolism,  it helps counteract stress and tiredness as well! 

I have students, and many familiar people who assure me that  intermittent fasting helps them better control their appetite  because they make fewer meals but larger in quantity.

Now, who do I not recommend doing intermittent fasting? People who have a very high caloric requirement or are Ectomorphs (thin bodies that have difficulty gaining weight, both muscularly and in a fat percentage) since they are people who should eat more than usual and would eat gigantic amounts in a short time, they really do not need it. And also to people who do not get along well with meals or are people who have the famous “my stomach is shrinking and as little always” because having less time to feed they will eat little and nothing, they will lose weight but they will lose muscles and degrade it since the body does not receive nutrients required daily.

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