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Stop the time

One of the most requested treatments and with the greatest satisfaction on the part of the patient.

There is a new trend among young people... it is about going to the aesthetic doctor at an early age in order to  prevent the signs of the passage of time .

Today's flagship treatment is   Botulinum Toxin  , currently required not only to treat  expression wrinkles , but also to  prevent them!  Adults-young people are becoming more active, full of projects and with an accelerated pace of life, do not neglect their image and consult concerned about aging. The number of consultations is increased for this reason and can be related to how they want to look to achieve success and/or to find a couple in older ages.

They no longer wait for  wrinkles to appear, they just want to look youthful over time, and to this day there are still people who choose this treatment to look better, since, in the hands of a doctor with knowledge and preparation in aesthetic medicine, it is a safe procedure, approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) for facial aesthetic use since 2002 and with natural results.

What aesthetic benefits does the famous “Botox” generate?

It produces  relaxation  of the forehead, crisscross and periocular muscles (“crow's feet”) achieving a decrease in expression wrinkles. It is one of the most requested treatments and with greater satisfaction on the part of the  patient  to see the results, because it achieves a  relaxed look  and allows us to clear the face of wrinkles negative ones such as anger or tiredness. And besides, you know what? Does not generate fill effect! 

Rating: 5.00/5.