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Don't you have dinner to lose weight? Mistake!

Dinner is just as important as breakfast. Don't skip it!

Health and Esthetics

Here is the great existential doubt that many Argentines have and the lousy belief that you have to dine a very small portion, or even directly DO NOT dine. “That's how fat is lost,” “that's how you lose weight.” ERROR.

My name is Florencia Godoy and abarco not only the field of nutrition but also that of sports training, both complemented so that, whatever the goal of the athlete, their biological demands and objectives are successfully and effectively met.

Going back to the point, dinner is like any other meal of the day and in fact it is as important as breakfast. During night sleep is when there is increased anabolism (recovery and growth of muscle fibers), sleep is not synonymous with stopping burning calories, my beautiful people. On the contrary, a good balanced dinner will avoid anxiety and give you a good sleep, which will also lead to a good muscle recovery. You're not going to get up at 2 AM to want to peck what's been done or the sweet things we have always hibernating in the fridge door. So what to have dinner?

Let's start with a portion of vegetables, since it is recommended to consume them in at least three meals a day: they quench appetite and do not bring large amounts of calories. Let's continue with protein, it's several hours of sleep so we're going to need slow absorption proteins, such as chicken, fish or meat. In this way catabolism is avoided at night (destruction of muscle mass). Then, we continue with healthy fats, among the most used examples we have olive oil and avocado. And the great fear of many: complex carbohydrates such as potato, rice, sweet potato, lentils, quinoa, among so many. Can we eat them at night? OF COURSE! Weight can be lost provided that a moderate caloric deficit is maintained, and if they are well distributed, they can be included in all daily meals. The problem is when we eat milanese with puree and we have more puree than dish.

The key is criterion and moderation, as well as the will and mental strength that must be taken to understand that eating healthy is not to be banned food but rather to learn and control the size of portions. There are no food that “fattens” or salads that “grow thin”, get that out of their heads. A really healthy diet is varied and full of colors. Play with the plates, find ideas and put on batteries. Take care of your body, which is the only container you have forever. Now, what are you going to have dinner?

Publication Date: 12/02/2019

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By: Lorena 12 February, 2019

Y yo creía que papá . Arroz de noche no se podía comer ? gracias por el aporte....muy linda nota!

By: CarrSp @ BeautySpectator 12 February, 2019

Muy buen artículo ¡queremos más consejos de salud! Hoy en dia es muy importante concientizar a las personas, y lo mas importante EDUCAR.

By: Nadia 13 February, 2019

Muy buena nota y de aprendizaje. . ?

By: FlorenciaGodoy 25 February, 2019

¡Lo haré! Y coincido con vos, no es díficil ni imposible. ¡Todo se puede!

By: FlorenciaGodoy 25 February, 2019

Es una falsa y pésima creencia, yo también lo creí al comienzo cuando escaseaba mi información. La ignorancia en el tema nos obliga a creer a personas que están dentro de todo "bien" físicamente y aprendemos MAL. ¡Vamos a difundir la realidad y la buena información Lore!

By: FlorenciaGodoy 25 February, 2019

¡REeduquemos la alimentación que tanto hace falta!¡Gracias Car!

By: FlorenciaGodoy 25 February, 2019

¡Gracias Nadia!

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