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A smart bed to help paraplegic people was built by the University of Tucumán

Connects to a state-of-the-art computer and works through software

Health and Esthetics

A smart bed that connects to a state-of-the-art computer and works through software was successfully built and tested by engineers from the National University of Tucuman (UNT) on a man who has been paraplegic for 18 years, today reported Ministry of Public Health of the province.
The patient is Adrián Pasteri, who fell on his head in a swimming pool in 2000 and suffered multiple injuries to the cervical area of his spine that prevent him from moving his neck body down.
Today, at 38 years old and after an intense struggle to improve your quality of life, you can study computer science and languages - already speaks and writes in English and Portuguese - as well as connect with people from the rest of the world thanks to the computer.
In addition, Adrian sends with his voice signals to the machine for the bed to perform functions, such as lifting his head and raising his feet, so it does not depend on other people's help.
“ The Ministry of Public Health and the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the UNT developed a unique program of its kind that works with software produced entirely in Tucuman,” said Gov. Juan Manzur after visiting Pasteri.
The president commented that the success of the project “generated great enthusiasm, as it changes the life of a young man who is brilliant and has a huge attitude of improvement.”
“ We also hope this advance will serve other patients in the future,” Manzur hoped.
For her part, the local health minister, Rossana Chahla, considered that they found in Adrian “the ideal person to develop this prototype.”
The room where the bed was placed was completely remodeled to make it safer and more comfortable, with special sanitary coating and a LED TV.
“ The intention is that, soon, the whole room will be commanded by the patient's voice,” said Miguel Cabrera's dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences.
And he completed: “The development of this bed can be improved so that it successfully impacts other patients.”

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 18/02/2019

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