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A new therapy for a type of breast cancer that had no treatment is already in Argentina

Reduced the risk of disease progression by 46% compared to those patients who were treated with standard chemotherapy,” they detailed.

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A new oral therapy for a type  of breast cancer    that did not have a specific treatment was approved by the   Anmat    and already is available in the country, reported health sources.

It is a molecule called  talazoparib , which almost doubled the progression-free survival of the disease (from 5.6 months to 8.6 months) in patients with a “locally advanced or metastatic, HER2-negative” breast cancer subtype and who have a BRC- gene mutation.quot;, they specified the sources.

Also, the new therapy  “reduced the risk of disease progression by 46%, compared to those patients who were treated with standard chemotherapy,” they detailed.

“Until now, this group of patients did not have an alternative with high levels of efficacy. Therefore, the approval of this therapy is a very positive news for them, since they now have more tools to improve their quality of life, by increasing the free time of progression,” said  Valeria Cáceres , head of the Department of Clinical Oncology at Instituto Á; ngel Roffo-UBA.

The specialist added that another benefit of the new therapy is that “patients are healthy longer, waiting for the development of new drugs with which they can be treated.”

 Marta Mattiussi , president of the Breast Cancer Aid Movement (Macma), said that “It is always good news to have more and better medicines available.”

In this sense,  Guillermo Lerzo , head of the Clinical Oncology Unit of the María Curie Oncology Hospital in the city of Buenos Aires, stressed that the new treatment  “is administered once a day orally.” 

“This allows patients to avoid the discomfort of receiving intravenous therapy and the difficulties that appear when treatments should be received exclusively in health centers,” he added.

The specialist commented that “the knowledge science has about cancer has deepened markedly in recent decades.”

“We no longer talk about breast cancer in general, but there are multiple subtypes of that condition,” he said.

And  Cáceres  completed: “There lies the importance of knowing what type of pathology each patient suffers, with the name and surname of the condition, to indicate the best treatment available.”

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 21,558 cases of breast cancer were recorded in 2018, representing 59 new diagnoses per day. In 2017, 6,114 people died from the disease in the country.

Publication Date: 31/08/2019

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