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5 habits to feel better

It takes only 21 days for the body to create a habit. Try these, you're going to feel more vital, lighter and purer.


It is said that it takes 21 days for the body to create a habit. Obviously it is a say, that between the lines says that if in three weeks you can't maintain a behavior with a certain thing, you're not going to do it anymore. Let's talk a little bit about mine, maybe they'll serve you and you can have some of them.


The first thing I do as well as I get up is to thank and be happy. Sometimes it costs me, I'm a woman and I get up thinking about the universal whole and that brings me a mix of sensations together, but I look around and say, am I missing something? No. Could it be better? Yes! That is why I thank you, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is the “thank you, thank you, thank you,” because I know that if you are grateful, wonderful things come to your life and those goals that you have begin to be a little closer every day.


Always, before starting any breakfast, even when I'm in the kitchen preparing it, I drink my first glass of mineral water to clean, after eight hours without water intake, all vital organs. It's good for me!

3) I PLAN.

The planning of the day, including meals and activities, makes me not waste time and can better accommodate my tasks. On Sundays I already plan meals all week and go to visit the super to start on Monday with tutti.


Did you hear about how wonderful it is? Well, implement in your day take it two or three times and you're going to start to notice how cute your body skin gets, hair, and how the greasiness of the face disappears. In addition, it is a natural antioxidant and depurative.


I choose two or three days a week to clean myself of the meat. How to achieve it? Try to impersonate an ordinary milanese with a soy or lentil burger with spinach. Try playing with abandoned vegetables and make a colorful dish without consuming animals. Notice how different the palate acts with so many ingredients and blends of completely healthy and natural flavors.

The natural beats the processed one and a thousand times. Try these things and see if you don't feel better, more vital, lighter, purer. Do not forget that “We are what we eat” and that when we take care of what enters our body aesthetic beauty comes alone. Our body knows how to thank you.

Publication Date: 17/02/2019

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By: El ver 18 February, 2019

Excelentes consejos y me ayudó mucho en mí vida. Ahora con mi pareja gay podemos convivir mejor y tenemos un mejor rendimiento en el acto sexual

By: Elcor Dobes 18 February, 2019

Me parecieron muy útiles tus ideas, espero que el próximo posteo tengo más recetas de comidas saludables. Seguí así Flor??

By: FlorenciaGodoy 25 February, 2019

¡Gracias!¡Seguiré subiendo buena información!

By: FlorenciaGodoy 25 February, 2019

¡Los buenos hábitos no se llaman "buenos" porque sí! Mejora cada aspecto y rincón de nuestra vida. ¡Abrazo!

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