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5 facts that can help you not lose your breasts when you lose weight

Do you feel that you lost bust in the process of fat loss? What if I tell you that you can regain some firmness?

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Breasts are mostly fat, it is normal to reduce their size when losing weight, and although we can't choose where to lose fat if we can train and feed in such a way that  we keep those two in place with good tonicity . What do I advise you?

  • Avoid extreme diets, where we lose a lot of weight in a short time, these diets in addition to having yo-yo effect make the skin stretch and shrink sharply promoting sagging.
  • Train the chest in a localized way with exercises that work muscle tone such as push-ups, chest press, openings, using a weight with which we do 12 to 15 repetitions with effort. We achieve with this to improve skin tone and combat sagging.
  • Consuming foods rich in collagen, this is a protein that structures the skin and helps to keep it smooth, but with age the natural production of collagen in our body decreases (that is why everything starts to fall) the solution is to consume more foods with such protein as fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts.
  • If you exercise with a good bra, more if you do cardio where you jump or move fast, because excess movement stretches your breasts more, so a good sports top keeps everything in place!
  • And if your breasts are natural (as in my case) do not lower your fat percentage so that you do not lose them, some “WELL located fat” does not hurt anyone, although you will see that it decreases in size anyway, you can keep them firm following my advice!

Do not forget to keep your skin hydrated, because if you do not drink enough water the skin is more prone to gaining sagging and generating stretch marks more easily, rather than losing them. Attentive!

Publication Date: 19/04/2019

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