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3 proposals to say goodbye to stress

Physical exercise is a great ally when it comes to releasing tensions and improving mental health.

August has arrived and the anxiety to face the last stretch of the year is beginning to be noticed more and more. This, added to the juncture of an unparalleled year that the world is going through, makes levels of  stress  increase, and more and more people are looking for new ways to keep it under control.

Although emotional support from a professional is very important when it comes to taking care of our mental health, it is also true that  physical activity  favors the release of tensions. From resuming running to breaking into stretching, more and more people are encouraged to enter a new sport or physical activity, not necessarily to generate physical changes, but to find a moment that allows them to reconnect with their mind.

From releasing endorphins that help improve your mood to reducing stress hormones such as cortisol in the long term, physical exercise positively impacts your mental health, helping to eliminate insomnia, one of the most common symptoms of stress.

“Undoubtedly many people are going through stressful situations, whether due to economic concerns, work difficulties or simply accumulated fatigue. While we all know the qualities of exercise when it comes to releasing endorphins and taking care of our physical health, many overlook that regular exercise also works as a way to commit to dedicating ourselves a few minutes of the day, and that helps improve our  self-esteem  as we are able to achieve the goals of exercise that we propose” explains Camila Mariana, professional trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in States United (NASM), who shares three ideal workouts to relieve stress:


Stretching is the perfect ally to balance our body and mind, relieving stress and helping to improve blood circulation and muscle oxygenation, which allows to prevent muscle
injuries and strengthen our respiratory system. In addition, the good thing about this training is that you can practice it in the morning to start your day more relaxed or incorporate it as a complement to the routine that you already perform.

Functional training

This type of  training  on circuits is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable ways of exercising in our country, and this is because it allows to work the different muscles of the organism in a comprehensive way and using our own body as the main tool of work.

When it comes to reducing stress, functional training is ideal to work on self-improvement and improve your self-esteem, since the key to this training is not to perform a certain amount of daily
repetitions but to be able to achieve a better result every day than the previous day.

Another benefit of this training is that even in the context of  social isolation  it can be done remotely in a group, an example of this is the “Lean & Strong” challenge in which Participants join a private Facebook group where each day they can post stories of their progress and even coordinate with other colleagues to perform the exercises via video call.


Enabled in most provinces of the country where Phase I was left behind,  running  is a perfect activity to clear yourself in this pandemic, as it allows you to leave home and train in a new environment. In addition, although it is important to always respect the regulatory distance, the most usual is that when you go for a run you meet other people in the same situation as you; and in a year reign by social distance, feeling that you are part of a group can be highly beneficial for your state of á nimo.

“Whatever activity you intend to carry out during this second semester of the year, the important thing is to set achievable goals and make time to devote to physical exercise.
Week after week, you will see that achieving your training goals and proving to yourself that you can achieve it will help you improve your self-esteem and change your mood to face your
days more relaxed” concludes Camila Mariana.

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