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He left me in pampa and the way

Argentines often use the expression being in “pampa y la vía” to refer to an unfavorable moment. But, uh... Do
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Me dejó en pampa y la vía
05 September, 2019

Being in “pampa and the way” means having no money, or being a dump, someone without financial resources. Although this phrase is often heard, most Argentines do not know its origin.

Its origin dates back more than 100 years, when the Hippodrome was on the site that currently occupies the stadium of the River Plateclub. For the unlucky bettors who had lost everything, the institution offered a free train service that reached them to the intersection of La Pampa street with the Mitre railway tracks.

From that place, which was a little more crowded, losers could return home more easily. Did you know the story?

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