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“Grupo Ardinas”: the Argentines we need

Meet the “Grupo Enando”, another example of what really matters, when someone wants to help, is the desire and enthusiasm.
Stories of ordinary people
17 November, 2019

Unfortunately, there are not many Argentines who know the “Grupo Endo”. In its early days, several years ago, they were four friends who one day came to a room borrowed from the villa 21-24, they sat at a table and accepted two things: they wanted to change reality and they did not know well how do it. They started with something that had an immediate impact: they set up a school supportgroup .

Al a short time already had ten “stable” students. Today there are more than eighty volunteers and for the workshops and activities they carry out (greatly expanding the spectrum, they are no longer just classes of school support), spend more than 150 people per day. Initially they were math and language classes. But they detected that there was something more urgent: most of the guys who they went to classes I was hungry. Then they decided to incorporate, together with the calculators, rules and compass, a snack. And that’s where they jumped.

Group Walking: how to change the reality of each other?

In thanks for what they were doing, many of the families of children they wanted to meet them. They started to visiting houses and carrying out family and social containment work. They found that there were many cases in which both students and their family members had health problems that neither they even knew they had. They helped them ask for shifts and accompanied them to the first care room. They joined talks on hygiene and prevention. An once this was more or less on track, they added craft workshops and helped get the DNI out of those who did not They had it.

A example more than what really matters, when someone wants to help, is the desire and enthusiasm. The needs and how to deal with them, end up appearing alone. From this humble space, our admiration and gratitude to all volunteers of the “Working Group”.

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