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Glossary gaucho

Today we continue to use a lot of words whose origin is gauchesco. As a tribute to our ancestors, we
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Glosario-gaucho argentino
| 04 October, 2019 |

Thinking about content with the editors of Ser Argentino, we realized that inside our lunfardo there are many words gauchas that we continue to use today and that we didn’t know what their true origin was or what exactly they meant. Here is the first installment of a mini glossary (which in no way tries to be a totalizer) with the most curious ones. Can you think of anything else?


The origin of this word is Quechua, but, as it could not be otherwise, it was popularized by the gauchos of La Pampa (they had much more contact with the Indians than they want to make us believe). If it’s accepted by the SARtoday, we owe it to them. We must also “achurar”, which with the passage of time stopped referring specifically to removing the organs of an animal and massivized towards “killing”.

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In the first instance specifically meant a type of uncooked brick, dried in the sun, from which most of the dwellings of the gauchos. I find it a beautiful play of language the phonic closeness it has with “marinating” (seasoning meat).


This could not be missing in a gaucho glossary. The explanation is very simple: it is an interjection that comes out of the contraction of “Ah son of a…!” (it seems that the gauchos were very correct in their language, which I doubt very much). It reminds me of my grandmother (who was not gaucha but could have been quietly) when she said, “Stop making a mess, son of a great!”.

To the wildebeest

It’s the gaucha and “polite” version of “to the fart”. I searched for “wildebeest” in the RAE and did not find it, so we are facing a word (a syntactic construct actually) 100% of our. I confess that I like it very much because it integrates one of the most beautiful phrases in our language: “The one born belly is the wildebeest to be fajen”.

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