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Friendships that kill

Friendships are sometimes complex...
The worst thing about us
Las amistades a veces son complejas
| 20 July, 2019 |

The case was resonant. And it wasn’t for less. Friendships are sometimes complex, but rarely enough to kill each other.

Let’s go back to January 10, 2007. Florida, Vicente López‘s match, Buenos Aires. Two great friends live together in a PH. They’ve known each other since school. They’re 21 years old. Lucila Frend works. Solange Grobenheimer studies. That morning, Lucila leaves for her job around 7.30. Arrives around 8.30. Solange is sleeping in his bedroom. Lucila calls her all day, with no answer. At night, distraught, she decides to go home, see what happens to her friend. He’s going with Solange’s boyfriend. Lucila, foreshadowing the worst, doesn’t want to come in. The groom comes in. Find Solange dead.

Immediately, suspicions focus on Lucila.

Opportunity was. She was the last one to see her alive, in theory. The cell phone? According to some, among which is the family of Solange, bad coexistence. Others speak of a relationship not reciprocated by Solange. The gun the stabbing wounds inflicted on him was never found. Neither is the wire that she was apparently hanged with. The girl’s body appeared bathed in blood, on the side of the bed, face down. The bed sheets, bloody, even with the killer’s hands.

Conflicting friendships? There are. But we’ll never know about this one.

Lucila could never prove anything. She was acquitted by the Court of San Isidro and the Chamber of Criminal Cassation. The expertises were a disaster. The time of death could not be verified for sure. Something key for Lucila. The first coroner had no thermometer… The one who recorded the vitreous humor was wrong and the test had to be discarded. The death range is between 7 and 13. Too wide.

The killer was left-handed. Lucila too. That aroused more suspicion. But at the same time, they said the killer must weigh more than Lucila weighed.

That morning it was raining and no traces were found of anyone who had entered the outside. That made it difficult to… Oh, Lucilla. Who stated that through the window of Solange’s bedroom , a worker occasionally entered the adjacent work. And that she had warned her friend that she was dangerous. But Sol told him that the man was trustworthy. Lucila also stated that the man sent her messages inviting her to go out to Sol. Everything was left in eternal doubt.

The experts turned Solange’s body before Lucila entered the bedroom. But Lucila stated that the first time he saw her, Sol was upside down. Maybe he imagined it, from the words of Sol’s boyfriend, that it was the one who actually saw her. More doubts in the investigation.

Lucila claims that in the reconstruction of the incident he was forced by the prosecutor to hang a policeman with a cable from the floor, according to strict instructions. They could only verify that she was left-handed. Where did the cable come from, which was on the floor? It’s not common to have a cable lying on a bedroom floor, is it? Have you got out of the play next door? Subscribing Lucila’s theory.

The only one who ever doubted his daughter’s killer was Lucila, was Sol’s mom. I’m sure his family too. The real thing is that, despite the suspicions, Lucila was acquitted.

He went to live to

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