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Florence Palacios: Guinness player

Florencia Palacios is an Argentine basketball player who entered the Guinness Book of Records. Do you want to know why?
Argentines around the world
Florenci, basquetbolista argentina ingresó al Libro Guinness de los Récords.
04 October, 2019

Surely Florence Palacios has had her passion defined since she was a girl: basketball. What she must never have imagined is that this passion would lead her to travel the world and enter no more or less than the Guinness Book of Records. The motive? She is “the professional basketball player who played in the most teams worldwide”.

Florencia Palacios played in 12 countries and currently goes for his 29th team. However, the global distinction for which it is recognized was anchored in number 25. Florence went to play abroad very young: she was 17 years old. He began touring the leagues of the most diverse countries. He was in Italy. Spain, Denmark, United States, Chile, Luxembourg, France, France Germany, Lebanon and Sweden. It is currently located in Iceland. Before that, he played many years in Velez.

In Italy he met Antonio, a basketball coach who became her husband. With him worked on five different teams and were even part of the technical staff in the selection of Aruba, him as a coach and she as a physical trainer.

However, Florencia Palacios’s dream is to end where it all started: in Argentina: “I would love to finish my career in Argentina. It’s a dream I have in my drawer,” he says. We will be happy to welcome you again.

Florence and Antonio
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