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Florence, a sportsman “adapted to win”

The Correntino sport always had great exponents, and Florencia Gómez, adapted basketball player, is no exception. We tell you his story.

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Florencia Gómez, with just 18, has won more sports matches than many professionals at his age. However, Florence's most important triumph has been for life, which is overcome by every challenge it imposes.

The young Correntina was born with lumbrosacral agnesia. This has caused his body to not be able to develop normally. This resulted in other parts of it being power: the desire to live and the passion for sports. At the age of 3 he started swimming. Being in a wheelchair, Gomez is now a paddle player, tennis player. table and basketball adapted.

Basketball has consecrated it: “At the age of 13 he saw me playing Carlos Cardarelli and invited me to participate in the selection,” said the young woman. Four years participating with the national team gave him the direct passage to the Parapan American Youth Games in São Paulo. The results were optimal: gold medal in basketball and recognition as a scorer of the competition 3 vs. 3 in adapted basketball.

We might think that a selection athlete would count with some support, but even the gold medal representing the country seems reach to deserve a scholarship. “I do not receive support from the provincial government or national,” said Gómez.

Adapted basketball, like any other sport, requires specific elements. The Florence chair is special and its maintenance is expensive: “Every time I break an axle, repair it costs me at least $6000.”

Florencia Gómez is an adapted basketball figure, and is the only woman to join the squad of Sol Naciente de Chaco to play the National League. His constant travels are supported only by his parents. Gómez is Correntina and only in basketball he represents another province, in other sports he defends Correntino pride.

Family and dreams

The loyalty and love of her parents and siblings is enormous; those feelings are reflected in every adapted basketball play. The correntina has two dreams: to reach a world of one of the sports she practices and to finish her studies and to be a teacher to help all people with disabilities.

Publication Date: 02/11/2019

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By: Day gomez 02 November, 2019

Q linda historia de vida!!! Para aprender q querer es poder..

By: Iván 02 November, 2019

Grande Flor una campeona de la vida que va para adelante logrando lo que se propone con ese apoyo incondicional de una gran familia y dos grandes pilares bien plantados que son esos dos gran padres y amigos q tiene es un orgullo para el deporte adaptado ,muchos cariños y segui persiguiendo tu sueños un abrazo

Por: Monica 04 November, 2019

En respuesta a Iván

No hay batalla q no puedas lograr..mi hermosa guerrera x algo Dios te trajo a esta flia..orgullosos de vos..te amo..mama

By: zulma 02 November, 2019

que emoción ver en lo que te has convertido FLOR, sos un ejemplo en todos los sentidos, ejemplo de vida de perseverancia de conducta de proponerte un sueño y perseguirlo hasta alcanzarlo, y al lado tuyo esos grandes pilares que tenés "tus papas". FELICITACIONES por todos tus logros, te lo mereces, sos ORGULLO argentino, una pequeña gigante. Te queremos mucho

By: Héctor 02 November, 2019

Flor,SOS mi ídola ... A tu edad ya tenés varios logros y seguramente en lo largo de tu vida vas a triunfar en lo que te propones x el empuje que tenés en la vida.. estoy orgulloso de que seas mi sobrina y espero ver varias medalla más.... Seguí mirando hacia el futuro con tu esfuerzo y el de tus padres seguramente lo vas a lograr.. tkm.

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