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Flood and evil words

To this day, the Santafesinos are indignant to remember what the mayor and governor said when the city suffered its worst flood.

The worst thing about us
Inundación Río Salado Santa Fé

The story of what happened in Santa Fe during the 2003 flood is well known. The Salado River overcame the precarious defenses of the west of the city and the water mercilessly wiped out much of it. In this sad context, there were phrases from the then quartermaster and governor that remained in memory. Not because they're funny or hopeful, but because of the disastrous. In this sense, the people of Santafesino had memory and, although they were not judged institutionally, they did suffer the social condemnation of all the people.

Stay calm.

The mayor of Marcelo Álvarez extended between 1999 and 2003. He did not have a particularly bad management, until the time of the flood. It was the last of a long string of Peronist intendents (from the dictatorship until then, they were the only political force that ruled the city) and were increasingly who were bout for change.

Everything good Álvarez might have done in his government fell to the point when he decided to speak in the local media microphones that morning of April 29. The breakage at the embankment had already occurred and it continued to rain. The neighbors were, of course, very worried because they felt that the water was coming. Literally. The mayor had no better idea than to state the following: “To the neighbor who speaks of the south, I tell you that we have no problems in house 1. The entire neighborhood Centenario, the villa of Centenario, Chalet, San Lorenzo, El Arenal, will not have any kind of inconvenience. The southwest of the city will not have problems.” He told all those people to stay calm, he wasn't going to flood. A few hours later, they flooded. The highest number of deaths from the river crossing occurred in these areas .

The 9 of April 2018, Álvarez passed away from a severe heart attack.

No one warned me.

At the time of the flood, Carlos Reutemann was finishing his second term as governor. When the water was already ravaging the neighborhoods of Santafesino, he himself approached a school of Barrio Roma to help people place sandbags in gates. Work that was vain, in the face of the flow that came. In a hurry by journalists, the former president threw “at me no one warned me that this could happen”.

Little time later, we all learned that, in reality, the problem was not so much that the defenses gave in, but a stretch of more than 200 meters of these had never been completed.

About the whether or not they know, it transcended that the National University of the Litoral, a long time ago, had submitted a project, the product of serious work by investigation, announcing that this tragedy could happen.

With multiple cases open, to this day, Reutemann has no convictions as responsible for what happened to Santa Fe in 2003.

Publication Date: 29/04/2020

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