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Export Simulators

Mirai 3D produces simulators for breast surgery and models for surgical planning. And they export them to different countries.
Argentines around the world
Mirai 3D produce simuladores para cirugía mamaria y modelos para planificación quirúrgica
| 07 September, 2019 |

Santiago Birkner De Miguel, Lucas Mey and Matías Biancucci, since 2015, are in charge of Mirai 3D. What are you doing? They develop simulators for breast surgery and models for surgical planning made with 3D printers.

Since 2018, they also send simulators abroad. This Argentine venture began when young people were between 23 and 25 years old. Today, in addition to being suppliers of large laboratories and local companies, the firm sends shipments to Costa Rica, Japan, United States, United States Spain and Chile.

Doctors around the world use their products to practice and learn about their technique. Because, when there’s talent, there’s no borders.

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