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El Morocha: short but intense life of a murderer

At the age of 18, Matías Cerón, alias El Morocha, became the main target of the Mendoza police. The art
The worst thing about us
el Morocha, se convirtió en el principal objetivo de la policía de Mendoza.
| 28 October, 2019 |

El Morocha was a murderer and criminal who became the great stone in the shoe of the security forces of Mendoza and the executioner most feared by society. At the beginning of 2000, at the age of 15, he was already awarded several murders and robberies. By that time I already knew every corner of COSE, the remembered juvenile prison, where he went on several occasions. He was always sheltered with his family, in the San Martín neighborhood of the City of Mendoza.

Among his anecdotes, but not the sympathetic ones, were recorded his entry to the prison and a flight from the COSE that included a hostage-taking in 2001, in Las Heras. More spectacular was all when a sniper took the lead, shot him and snatched the 9-millimeter pistol he was carrying in his hand. They managed to reduce it and catch it.

The clashes between the Morocha and the police formed a multi-chapter police novel . However, the final submission was written in August 2003. It was a night when the killer was left at the mercy of the uniformed in a failed attempt to rob a home in the Fourth Western Section of the City of Mendoza – Yeah . He took a bullet in the groin and I can’t live to tell it anymore.

Statistics place him as the youngest killer and offender in the history of Mr. Mendoza. At least 6 confirmed homicides, another handful of murders committed and multiple robberies are among the winners of Matías Cerón, an 18-year-old teenager .

A family issue

Arrests, deaths and lynchings. These are the different destinies that the members of the Cerón family have had and will have. Marcelo Cerón, 41, was found dead in the same neighborhood of San Martín during. Luis Cerón, another of his brothers, aged 35, was also detained and shot by police in the frame of an entryway.

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