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Donate love in the form of wigs

Maité is an 8-year-old girl who promoted a campaign to donate hair to make wigs for people in cancer treatment.
Stories of ordinary people
24 September, 2019

“ What happens to children when they lose their hair?” , Maité asked her mother, Mariana Ludueña. That innocent doubt of this 8-year-old girl started a campaign to donate hair for wigs that increasingly add volunteers in High Grace, Cordoba.

Her mom told her that they used to use wigs or handkerchiefs to cover their heads. So, Maité did not hesitate: decided donate your hair. After finding out the conditions, he had to wait a few months to the appropriate length of at least 25 centimeters. That gestation, shared on networks by her mom, in a few months it turned into a campaign community.

How it works

The second and fourth Thursdays of each month donations are received at the hairdresser of the Municipal School of Arts and Trades of High Grace. At the moment, more than 20 people already contributed their hair Freshly cut for the realization of oncological wigs.

The donations are taken to the Vanesa Durán Foundation, in Córdoba, which sends the material to the United States to make the wigs. It is important to note that with the hair of nine or ten donors, a single wig is made. That’s why it’s essential that people join the campaign. In addition, the costs of such a wig, if it is to buy them, are usually around 20,000 pesos. An amount that is not accessible to the majority of the population.

The wigs for people with oncological treatment who lose their hair, both at the provincial and national level, are delivered in comfort for eight months. That’s the time it usually takes for hair to grow after chemotherapy.

With a beautiful gesture like Maité, you can help to another person to cope with such a delicate moment as treatment oncological disease. Because we’re not donating hair: we’re donating love.

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