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Doña Rosa

In the 80's, Bernardo Neustadt gave life to his own stereotype: Doña Rosa.
As we are
| 04 April, 2020 |

Stereotypes are never good, but we live on stereotypes. However, when a stereotype is created and designed for a specific purpose, the issue becomes a little more dangerous. In the 80’s, Bernardo Neustadt gave life to his own Frankenstein: Doña Rosa.
Doña Rosa was the star speaker for her program. He was, in the journalist’s words, an “ordinary” person representing the average housewife. Through her, Neustadt spoke to the entire Argentine middle class, explained – in terms he could understand – the political and economic events in the country. Because, of course, Doña Rosa could not think for herself: the reality was too complex to analyze by her own means. Luckily, that’s what television was for.
Fortunately, today we have more options, more access to different contents and information. With the Internet and social networking, ordinary people no longer have to wait for the night for Neustadt to talk to us and explain to us what we don’t understand.
The new Doñas Rosas have a world of alternatives to choose from, to be informed and to create a critical, own, rich thought. Or you can stay with the Bailando, which is also an option. But we already know that today, if Doña Rosa is watching TV, it’s because she wants to.

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