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Did you know you’ve been miswriting the word “nettle” all your life?

Sometimes existential doubts arise for which we find no answer. For example, what is the correct way to write “nettle”?
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Sabías que estuviste escribiendo mal la palabra ortiba toda tu vida
| 12 August, 2019 |

Today, most of us appeal to the word “nettle” using the letter “V” instead of “B”, without knowing that we are making amisspelling. How is that possible? Well, for that we’re going to have to turn to the Royal Spanish Academy.

Oh, how? There’s nothing in the SAR?

Since this is aword from the lunfardo, there are no articles from the Royal Spanish Academy that can help us get out of this predicament. However, it is enough to refer to the past to find the origin of this word.

The expression “nettle” is born from the word “batidor”, which was used during the first half of the 20th century to refer to those who “beat” someone with the Police. I mean, the whistleblowers or buchones.

From beater to nettle

but how do we get from one to the other? The explanation is in the “vesre”, which is a mechanism that consists in the change oforder in the syllables of a word, very common in the Rio de la Plata. Who never asked for a milangachegusan? The

same goes for the word “cobani”, which is vesre for “fan” and used in ancient times to refer to the guards and Cops.

So, while it is possible that most of us are used to writing ortiva with “V”, the reality is that it isappropriate to do it with “B”, since it is a derivative of the expression “batidor”. Did you know that?

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