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Culture or national drink?

Do we like fernet or get used to its flavor for a more cultural matter? National drink or Argentinian custom?
As we are
Bebida nacional o costumbre argentina
| 26 September, 2019 |

First of all, don’t kill me: I don’t like fernet. As a boy (well, as a teenager, or as a “young” —yes, I already feel a little old—) I did like it. The sweet drink helped me cut some of the acid from other alcoholic beverages and allowed me to continue drinking a little more. But I haven’t passed it in a few years. Anyway, before the Cordoba brothers kill me, I want to clarify that I’m almost certain that what I don’t like is soda, not the fernet itself. Maybe it has a lot to do with culture.

When I was a serious kid, I remember that in the Prior to the Sunday roast, my grandfather and my dad had fernet but with soda. Like any child, he’d kill me curiosity and always ask me to be invited. which, very wisely, was systematically denied to me. Until finally The day has come. Maybe because I got especially puffy or because I grabbed my old man with low patience, he agreed. I remember the moment with a lot intensity. I remember spitting the drink. And I remember the laughter of the elders.

Fernet is culture

Now, do we really like it or is it one of those things that became such a deep-rooted custom that anthropologists would call “culture”? Is it taken with soda or soda? Or, as the Italians take it, experts in all kinds of “love”, alone and in a shot, serving, like tequila? On the other hand, is it a youth drink or is it continued in time? Only with cola soda or other kind of supplement?

Anyway, I really like that we gave him that twist and add him a sweet drink and drink it in the balls. But the pleasure I leave to you. Cheers!

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