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Christmas fernetera

In Cordoba we spent Christmas in a very special way. Fernet is never lacking, and in this time we use
As we are
árbol de botellas de fernet
26 January, 2020

The fernet tree is a classic of Christmas. On this occasion, all the small trees made with fernet bottles were disclosed in the nets. It’s just that we are, this drink has to be part of all the celebrations. With family or friends, boxes and boxes of fernet bottles are consumed. On December 8, each Cordovan assembled its small tree. The cordobeses pure strain made it whole with fernet bottles… Taking advantage of the green of the fernetero glass, and decorating it with different accessories.

That’s right… and don’t miss the coke. In the networks, @culiados_and @vivirenvacba raised different contributions from neighbors and neighbors who showed their decorations . Fernet is not only a taste delight: it is a passion. In addition, on this occasion, it becomes a trend of fashion and ecology. Use the bottles to make decoration. And, from yapa, leave SantaClaus with emotion. I’m sure he left some good presents with that rich tree.

The fernet tree

So yes, we Cordoba have a Christmas trend. The hashtag #arbolitodefernet exploded. Thousands of copies, each with their own style, put their magic touch to the Cordoba Christmas. In addition, creativity is not lacking. Cordoba’s homes put their spark to these year-end celebrations. Whole families are involved with the assembly of the tree. And there are several who are devoted to the trend of the fernet tree.

If you want to spend a Christmas with all the vibe, and quite different, you have to come to Cordoban lands. To see what it feels like. The Cordobeses live the end of the year always with fernet in hand, and some roast. And a wide range of parties or different forms of celebration await you.

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