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Changeable and Marquero

According to a private survey, when it comes to consuming, the Argentinian is changeable, adaptive and marquis. We'll tell you
As we are
a la hora de consumir, el argentino es cambiante, adaptativo y marquero.
| 14 September, 2019 |

How are Argentines when we consume? That’s the question that was asked from the consulting firm KANTAR. Recently, he presented his “Radiography of Argentines”, a survey of 1000 men and women over 18 years of age from all over the country and all socioeconomic levels that was carried out with the aim of knowing what we like when consuming and how we react to brands, among other aspects of the average local consumer. The conclusion? The Argentinian is changing and marquis.


According to the results, Argentines are changing, adaptive and agile in our relationship with brands. This is because we have expectations that fluctuate rapidly in the face of changes in the context. We constantly modify our buying habits (this year there was a greater approach to neighborhood stores and in previous years incorporated the wholesaler), we reacted and adopted new strategies quickly in the face of new scenarios.


In this sense, although our profile around purchases is often characterized by being “infidel” (more than 90% alternates between several brands or chooses by price), the average Argentinian is mostly a markup. “You will always try to make an effort to choose the brands you like and identify with,” says Kantar. In addition, he adds that “the aspirational factor has a lot of weight”.

In turn, the results indicate that Argentines seek quality and need to find brands that give them answers, solve problems and meet their needs. That is why “they will punish those brands that fail them, however economical they may be”.

The crisis, however, directly affects consumption habits. Ninety-six per cent of respondents reported having reduced or dropped out of any category in the past year. There was also a greater approach to second brands and the consumption of certain categories such as dairy and frozen.

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