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Chacarita grew bigger

In Argentina, football crosses our lives in every way. What does “Chacarita's enlarged” mean? We tell you the meaning of
How we talk
Qué significa “se agrandó Chacarita”
| 22 September, 2019 |

In Argentina, the football crosses our lives in every way. Our way of speaking, our metaphors, our phrases made, often come from that sport that is almost a religion. Sometimes, even, without us noticing it. Today we want to tell you about when Chacarita got bigger.

“ Chacarita Enlarged” is a phrase widely used by Argentines to point out that someone suddenly feels more important or powerful than they really are. A comment, an attitude, an act – something makes that person denote an unusual security in her. And that’s when Chacaritagets bigger. But why Chacarita? When exactly did this equipment get bigger?

There are two versions. The best known indicates that Chacarita was enlarged in 1969, when he emerged Metropolitan champion against River after beating him 4-1. This is what the Black Fontanarrosaremembered:

Chacarita of ’69 was, in short, the dream of the kid. It was that cartoon “Tucho, from canillita to champion” come true, the utopia of mixing among the greats to end up winning the final to River with goleada and dancing, carried out. In short, a shot that, as the remembered Fidel Pintos would say, sounded for the side of justice.

Roberto Fontanarrosa – Text published in the bookNo te vayas, campeón.

The second version, however, said that the sentence was earlier. According to this, it dates back to May 9, 1948, an afternoon in which Chacarita — with one less player on the field and one injured who did not participate in the game — beat Boca for the fourth date of the championship. They say that the journalists of the newspaper Noticias Gráficas, in charge of headline that feat the next day, chose the phrase “Chacarita was enlarged”. And that’s where it all started.

Whatever the origin of the phrase, the truth is that today, when Chacarita is enlarged, there is no need to add anything else.

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