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Benjamin and an unforgettable try at Jujuy

Benjamin Barrionuevo is a boy passionate about rugby and, with his differences, has scored an unforgettable try in Jujuy province.
Stories of ordinary people
Benjamín Barrionuevo
| 05 November, 2019 |

With 11 new compliments, Benjamin Barrionuevo has turned an unforgettable try into Suri Rugby Club’s match against Jujuy’s Gymnastics and Fencing . The entire province has been moved by the video of the boy leaving different rival players along the way.

Benjamin, like his two brothers, were practically born with an oval ball in his hands. The protagonist of the unforgettable try started his life at the Suri club at the age of seven. He’s barely been playing for four years, decades will pass and will not forget Saturday, October 19, neither he nor his family.

That Saturday Benjamin went along with his father to accompany one of his 15-year-old brothers who represented Suri visiting the Jujeño wolf. The game was over, but the best play had not yet been presented. When everyone thought it was the time of the third half, the teachers invited Benjamin to enter the court and show everyone how to score an unforgettable try.

The values of rugby

The video of the unforgettable try of the Jujujeño boy flooded social networks, surprising their own and strangers. Her mother, Eloisa Sotillo, highlights the love they have given her son: “It was beautiful to see so much love from the boys and teachers of both clubs.”

The play was heroic, an unforgettable try, but Benjamin dreams of more. Their aspirations are great as their strength and will. Drive a motorcycle, being muscular and consecrated as a great player are his dreams and, Sure, drive a Lamborghini.

Eloisa explains that this was possible because of the values promoted by rugby, and she experiences it every day with her teammates in the club. Benjamin has a tight schedule: when he is not in school, he is receiving support classes and then, yes, training, so that this unforgettable try can be repeated thousands of times more.

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