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The Batman Solidarity of the Children's Hospital of La Plata will deliver to the children interned soft toys prepared by
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batman solidario
| 02 October, 2019 |

A man who dedicates his time and love to comfort those who need it most and a group of men who seek to reorient their lives came together to bring something that is needed a lot in those times: joy. The Batman Solidarity of the Children’s Hospital of La Plata will deliver to the sick stuffed animals prepared by prisoners.

He’s known as the Batman Solidarity. This man every week visits the Children’s Hospital of La Plata to bring donations and entertain patients. His next mission is very special: he will carry about 30 teddy bears that were made by prisoners from the prison of Olmos.

The Buenos Aires Prison Service specified that Unit 1 interns prepared and donated 30 soft toys to the Batman Solidarity of La Plata, in a meeting held in the chapel of the Children’s Hospital Sister Maria Ludovica. The soft toys were made in the sewing workshops and leather goods at the prison facility. The interns Gerardo, Edulfo and Juan Carlos worked with scraps of fabrics and leather for give shape to the bears.

“ This initiative did us very well. To think that we will cause smiles in the girls or babies who receive the Soft toys make us very happy. We feel useful to society. Are taking advantage of this period of deprivation of liberty to learn trades and prepare to have a job when we go back to the street,” said Juan Oh, Carlos.

The Batman Platenwas sent a video. to the inmates and stressed that what they did “is a wonder”. Les thanked and promised to deliver the donation “in hand to the guys who need it most.”

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