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Self-assessment of mental content

Our mental state determines the quality of life we have.

How humans have a clear desire for immortality, evidenced by how we take care of our appearance... everything that is seen. And that is not bad, although it is not enough for  us to live more or better... When we live as we do not want to live, we survive, wanting to change the world, without looking that perhaps it is our life that needs change. We do not take into account everything “what is  not seen” and it impacts on our general state of health: constant tension, self-demand, thoughts that do not cease, harmful emotions, reactivity to everything that is not as we want it to be... etc.  Our mental state determines the quality of life we have , so it is very important to take care of this aspect of ourselves to keep us healthy and not get close to the disease. Our cells don't bear that much impact. We begin to have symptoms here and there, which is the way in which the body sends us its warnings, that we usually do not attend... The care of the body depends on the mind,  how we interpret life, how we decide to live it. If most of the time we have negative states, both from thought and from emotions, we are assaulting the body. The mind generates every moment of experience based on what we place in it:  thoughts, emotions, actions and words.   What are you thinking now?  What are you feeling?  “ What words have you just spoken?  What did you do a moment ago?  When we have health, we can't think about the disease.   But when we have health, it's time to maintain it.When a disease arrives, it shakes and wakes up tremendously changing the perspective from where to look at life, although we can do that while we have health... by our own decision. 

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