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Women prisoners provide services of the Civil Registry

Mendoza tops the list of provinces that reward good behavior in the prison system. Women attend the call center of the Civil Registry.

The discussion of whether or not prisons fulfil their function of changing prisoners' behaviour and achieving labour and social reintegration is long and controversial. We're not going into that. What we tell you here is how are   women who, by showing good behavior in Mendoza prisons, get the opportunity to work   . And maybe you do get a correct reinsertion when they serve your sentence.

There are many services that are now provided by telephone, as is the case with the Civil Registry. That is why, in the prisons of Mendoza,   training is not only being trained in trades, work and providing secondary and university education, but also training for other work tasks. One of them is to attend the call center of the prison   The Bourbollon. Thus, women who are deprived of their liberty, but who have been in good conduct, received a   5-month course where they learned to make documents and other formalities   . It is a service that should be provided by the Civil Registry in physical offices, but now it is provided via the telephone.

They are, as is known, women who have committed a crime but who are willing to learn and educate themselves. And they imagine a future on the other side of the wall, with their family and a concrete possibility to work.

  Health knowledge  

The idea is to continue training in health issues, which serve each woman personally, but also serve to provide counseling services to people who call   line 148   and can receive that information. The aim is also to scale this service to private activities such as marketing companies, which sell through   call center   . They could be served with the service of these women.

The goal is for these people to be trained for when they are at liberty. So they don't make mistakes and commit crime again. The goal is to provide tools for their reintegration. Because we are, a society with little tolerance for those who seek a second chance. That is why it is important to maintain these initiatives. Maybe they are few, they don't reach. It may be. But somewhere it starts.

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