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Winter and tangerines under the sun

Tucuman custom finds its place in the cold seasons, but sunny. The perfect combination: tangerines, sun, winter and laughter.

As we are

In the north, usually in summer, we suffer from naps because of how hot and overwhelming they can be. But in winter all that changes, and the sun is no longer badly seen, the other way around: we look forward to it with great affection. This, and the time of tangerines, generate naps to go out on the sidewalk and enjoy this delicacy.

Those who say they don't like tangerines is because they never ate them in the sun. Of course, not any sun: the northern winter sun . - Why? - Why? The characteristic of the winter sun in our lands is usually almost a mime, it is there to warm the sidewalks and courtyards, but at the right point. It's not annoying, on the contrary, it's more than pleasant.

About tangerine

We already talked about the perfect conditions for eating a tangerine. Now we will talk about the fruit, the protagonist, the star of sunny tucuman winters. This thin skinned citrus fruit abounds in Tucumán and it is not uncommon to see trees in neighborhoods with tangerines overflowing, they are ready to eat. In addition to being a great source of vitamins, such as citrus fruits, tangerines are very easy to eat. That, perhaps, is the secret of why they're so famous. If eating them were more laborious, as are other citrus fruits, such as grapefruits, nothing would be the same.

Its thin shell comes off with fingers easily and many throw it away, claiming that it is a fertilizer for the soil. Once the fruit is peeled, the most expected arrives: after cutting them into slices, everything else is enjoyment. This way the tangerines conquer the naps and the Tucuman afternoons, and give a special color to the winter.

For tourists who come in winter, eating them in a courtyard is perhaps the richest dining experience you can experience and enjoy. To eat tangerines.

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Publication Date: 03/08/2020

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