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Why are we so violent?

Theme of the week: Argentines and violence. Part one.

As we are

We Argentines fix things to pineapples. Is it that way? Is that statement okay? Or isn't it a big deal? Are we violent by nature? Let's see. With you, this week's theme: Argentines and violence.

I don't think we're more violent than the rest of the region. I do think we are more “pops”, which may be confused with violence, and well confused is because it is a form of violence, perhaps the worst. At this point it is important to make it clear that I am generalizing, that obviously not ALL Argentines are like this and that, moreover, I can't help thinking from a Buenos Aires mind, born and raised and lived, except 4 or 5 years, in Buenos Aires. Now, let's move on.

I said that there is something in our expression, in our way of speaking, that can generate this feeling. Once, traveling through Peru, I witnessed a pretty violent fight. What impressed me most about that situation is that I never saw it coming. There was no “escalation” of violence: in 10 seconds they went from talking in a practically friendly tone to hitting with quite fury. The Argentinian, on the other hand, threatens to hit from minute one of the discussion and, thank God, never hits. Or a little bit. Their violence is more verbal, but more constant. Almost anything that contradicts you or puts you in a bad mood is an excuse to speak badly or insult or raise your tone. On the one hand, it has the benefit that perhaps in this sublime way some sensations and precisely because of that it does not pass to the elderly. But on the other hand, the problem is that there will always be something that disturbes, so the violence is constant: you vibrate, you breathe in every corner.

Maybe we're so violent (at least verbally) because we're not happy, because we don't like the life we have. And we're unable to change it. So, we grab it with each other and blame it for everything. And we insulted him. And we're starting over.

Publication Date: 04/02/2019

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